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Africa has almost become synonymous with wildlife. The moment you think of this amazing place, you can’t stop thinking about its fauna. Whether it is the picture of the lion hunting down its prey or droves of elephants crossing through the grasslands, the African landscape is home to one of the most diverse varieties of wildlife.

And if you are visiting Western Africa, you’ll find everything from the pygmy hippopotamus and Diana monkey to the duiker antelopes, vipers, cobras and a variety of birds. Thus, Western Africa is one of those areas that enjoy the privilege of having huge rainforests and grasslands that are home to a diverse range of animals.

Take a Look at Some of the Animals of Western Africa.


Duiker Antelopes

The Duiker antelopes are natives of western Africa and can be mainly spotted in the Serengeti and the sub-Saharan region. The Duiker antelopes generally do not stay in groups and roam around the jungle on its own.

It has a shorter front leg compared to its hind legs and this enables it to move swiftly through the jungle. They mainly depend on plants for their food, but, sometimes the Duiker also feeds on small insects, birds and rodents.

Pygmy Hippopotamus

A native of the Western African swamps, the Pygmy hippopotamus is a reclusive animal. It is one of the smallest species of hippopotamuses and unlike, its cousins, it does not prefer to be immersed in swamps or water bodies. It is semi-aquatic and requires water for keeping the body cool.

Photo Credit: Sierraeye.net

The pygmy hippopotamuses therefore, stay on land as well as in water. At times, they would spend days at the same spot, hiding in burrows around the river banks. Being herbivorous, it does not have to hunt for food and feeds on different types of fruits, ferns and leaves.


The Chimpanzees are close relatives of the human beings and are highly sophisticated primates. They have been found to be intelligent and generally devise smart ways for gathering food. These mammals are omnivores and have everything from fruits and leaves to ants, honey and even smaller monkeys.

Photo Credit: Mapendanovoyages.com

Depending on the situation, they will either hunt alone or would set out in groups to capture their prey. One of the largest primates on the earth, the chimpanzee faces constant threat of extinction and has also been rated as one of the endangered species of Africa.

West African Manatee

The West African Manatee, one of the most endangered species of Africa, is found in fresh water lakes and rivers along with the lagoons in the coastal areas. The large, gray manatees generally feed on mangroves and vegetation found in marshy areas.

With a flat rounded paddle at the rear and extremely small flippers, the West African Manatee uses its flippers for eating, moving around in the water and even touching the mates during the breeding season.

Though, it was abundant in the area around Angola and Mauritiana, its population has recorded a steep decline due to illegal hunting. Now, it has been declared as protected specie and killing the Manatee is a punishable offence. Blog sobre salud

Black Colobus Monkey

A native of Kenya and the in-land areas of Africa, the Black Colobus Monkey has now become rare specie in the African region. There was a time when it was abundant in the rainforests around the Congo River. These monkeys do not have a thumb and therefore, have been referred to as Colobus after the Greek term meaning ‘cut short’ or ‘mutilated’.

The Black Colobus Monkeys have a habit of staying on the tree tops and hardly descend from their high abodes in the rainforest. They feed on leaves and are known to stay in small groups of 5 to 10 members, consisting of a dominant male, a female and their off-springs.

West African Dwarf Crocodile

The West African Dwarf Crocodile is quite abundant in West Africa and has got its name from its small size. With a length of about 75 inches, it is one of the smallest crocodile species and is found along the water bodies in the rainforests and tropical grasslands.

Photo Credit: Gkdidyouknow.com

These crocodiles also live in freshwater and generally live alone. However, some of them can also be found in pairs. The West African Dwarf Crocodiles are nocturnal animals and set out on their search for food at night. Small mammals, fishes, birds, frogs and even crustaceans comprise of preferred foods for the dwarf crocodile.

White Breasted Guinea Fowl

Found in Ghana, Liberia, Sierro Leone and Cote D’Ivoire, the white breasted guinea fowl prefer to stay in the rainforests that have dry and closed canopies. These birds are usually found in small groups, each group consisting of a maximum of 24 members.

It feeds on different types of berries, seeds, insects and mollusks. Due to rapid destruction of the forested area, the White Breasted Guinea fowl population has recorded a sharp fall. It is also considered to be endangered specie in Western Africa.

Diana Monkeys

With a favourable habitat like the rainforests of Sierra Leone, Cote D’Ivoire, Guinea, Liberia and Ghana, Diana Monkeys love to stay on the upper canopies of the forested areas. The characteristic features of these monkeys consist of a white beard on the face and cheek pouches that are used for storing and transporting food.

The white beard distinguishes it from the other species of monkeys. They generally eat leaves and sometimes even have arthropods for food. The Diana Monkeys are social animals and love to stay in big groups of about 50 members. One dominant male is always considered to be the leader of the group.

Zebra Duiker

The Zebra Duiker is a well known West African animal that is found in the river valleys and forests of Sierra Leone and Cote D’Ivoire. It typically has short, rounded horns and its limbs are smaller in comparison to its body.

These zebras are herbivores and their food includes fruits and leaves. But, with a rapid decline in the forested areas, the zebras face an acute shortage of habitat and their numbers have also reduced over the years.

Facts About The Animals Of Western Africa

Facts About The Animals Of Western Africa

Africa has almost become synonymous with wildlife. The moment you think of this amazing place, you can’t stop thinking about its fauna. Whether it is the pic






Facts About The Animals Of Western Africa
Facts About The Animals Of Western Africa

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