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Baby Massage is gentle touch of care that every new born should get from his mother’s delicate hands. Infant massages can be termed as strokes of love which every mother should give to their newborns to keep them healthy and improve their blood circulation.

Infant massages are not just to improve blood circulation but they carry a bunch of benefits along with them if done nicely and properly. Touching the baby and caressing him gives the baby sense of security, comfort and love. Infant massages are helpful in calming a crying and fussy baby. Moreover the bond between the mother and the baby also gets stronger by soothing the baby.


Newborn babies enjoy the touch of their mother and that too when it is very soothing in the form of massage. Baby massages are therapeutic also as they enhance SKIN-TO-SKIN contact. This therapy of skin-to skin contact makes the baby feel loved and cared for too.

Benefits Of Baby Massage

Infant massage helps the baby to grow, by stimulating the secretion of growth hormones. Thus the babies who receive the touch of their mothers quite often show good signs of intellectual, physical and emotional growth. Since the baby must be tired of lying all the time it helps in relaxing the body muscles.
Massage on the stomach helps in removing any kind of colic pain and helps in releasing any gas if stuck in stomach. It helps in improving their digestion too.
Relaxed body gives relaxed and calm sleep to the baby.

It helps in making our immunity system strong. Massaging helps in the movement of lymph fluid in the baby’s body thus releasing all the toxins from the body. Since the brain develops fastest during the first year, a baby massage helps in boosting development of brain. It helps in reducing the level of stress hormone cortisol in the baby.

Just after child birth it is not only the mother but also the baby is stressed out. Even if the baby is left for two minutes unattended it feels stressed, worried and gets anxious and starts crying. Thus baby massage helps in reducing the stress level in the baby. A study has suggested that the premature babies who were given fifteen minute baby massages thrice everyday for five days grew 53% more than the premature babies who were not massaged at all and gained weight too.

Ways And Tips  To Massage Your Baby

There are different ways which can be adopted to give maximum benefit to your baby during massaging.

Develop A Massage Schedule

Always time the massage when the baby is relaxed and in a playful mood. The time should be ideal for you too. There is no specific time which can be slotted as the best massage time. It varies according to the baby and it should be the happiest time for the baby during the day. It can be mid day or the end of the day , any time when you are relaxed and free to give your baby exclusive 15-20 minutes for the massage.

Early morning massages and followed by a bath helps in giving a nice long sleep to the baby in the afternoon and in the evening. A small massage can be given in the evening also which will help him sleep better in the night. Initially when you start massaging just do it for 5 minutes for a week, and then gradually start extending the time. 20-25 minutes massage is more than enough for the baby to get all the benefits. Blog sobre ropa de Shein, Primark y Amazon

Set The Atmosphere:

Massage is best enjoyed by the baby in the right environment that is singing a song to him or play light music for the baby. Talking to hi m while massaging makes him feel loved and he gets your attention. Avoid watching TV of talking over the phone while massaging your baby. Try and make the temperature warm while massaging do not turn the air conditioner on during summers or heat blower during winters , both are harmful. Warm temperature is enough throughout the year to make the baby feel cosy and comfortable for a massage.

Dress And Undress Comfortably:

Babies feel insecure when they are undressed, so try to undress them very slowly and may be talking to them while doing so will make them feel at ease. Before taking those for a massage dress them in loose cotton clothes, so that it is easier for you to take them off. Cotton clothes soak the extra oil from the body. The body parts which are not massaged should be covered with a soft blanket or a towel. If the bay is very fussy in taking off clothes then do the massage without taking them off just leaving a single layer of clothes on his body.


the warmth of mothers hand on the baby’s skin is the most gentle and tender touch loved by the babies most. They feel attached and connected to their mothers by shin to skin therapy. The skin to skin contact helps in stimulating the nerves of the baby and relieving all the stress and tension from his body. While massaging always remember to keep one hand on the baby’s body, so that he feels that tender touch all the time. Gently start rubbing the baby’s body starting with stomach and back and then shifting to head and face and lastly massage his legs and arms. Palms and feet should be rubbed with the oil in circular motions ending at the finger tips.

Massage Your Love:

This is pone most loved and common way of massaging by writing L-O-V-E on his tummy with your fingers. Always try to direct all the motions towards the heart which helps in increasing the blood circulation towards the heart. You can use circular motions on the tummy and vertical and horizontal strokes at the back. Do not rub the baby’s spine. Do not apply oil on the baby’s face. The oil left on your palm is enough to follow a heart shaped motion on his face.

Try drumming his head and sides with your fingers the baby will enjoy all these strokes and will feel relaxed also. Massage can be done with baby oils available in the market or you can make your own at home. But before starting with any oil try and test it on a patch on the baby’s skin. This will help in finding out if the baby is allergic to it or not. Still if you are not comfortable to start with baby massage grab a copy of massaging videos from the market or you can look for great videos on you-tube too.

How To Give Baby Massage

How To Give Baby Massage

Baby Massage is gentle touch of care that every new born should get from his mother’s delicate hands. Infant massages can be termed as strokes of love which





How To Give Baby Massage
How To Give Baby Massage

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