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South Carolina : Festival of Flowers

Every year, thousands of people from around the world flock in hordes to South Carolina to attend the South Carolina Festival of Flowers. Celebrating its 42 year, the Flower Festival is celebrated in the little town of Greenwood and is one of the premier events in the entire country.

Sponsored by the Secretary of State of South Carolina, the Festival of Flowers has earned several accolades from organizations around the world which include prestigious positions in the Top 100 Events in North America list and the Southeast Tourism Society’s Top 20 Events.


The festival in its entirety is a nonprofit event which aims at promoting tourism in the Greenwood County, a place filled with spectacular landscapes, lush meadows and meandering rivers. The festival also aims at promoting budding artists in the fields of art, culture, sculpting, photography, music and handcrafts to name a few. The entire county and its residents in addition to people from neighboring regions are encouraged to take part in the event and showcase their horticulture skills.

Origin: The first Festival of Flowers was held in the year 1968. The event at first was just a small flower show called ‘grower days’ hosted by the Park Seed company. Members of the Tourist and Convention Committee of the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce realized the effect the event had on professional flower growers and tourists.

Capitalizing on the idea, the committee decided to sponsor the event and turn it into a fully fledged garden show complete with flower exhibitions, tours to private homes, art shows, several competitions and trial gardens. The show became an instant hit and there was no stopping it after that.

Events: The Festival of Flowers is something more than just a colorful feast for the eyes. The celebrations include several fun filled activities, games and shows for the entire family (there were 35 events in 2009).

Children will have a blast at the South Carolina Flower Festival. The special child entertainment zone offers kids a unique chance to take part in several exclusive activities. These include activities like Kidfest, where the entire family joins hands to dish out creative scientific innovations like miniature tornados and artificial slime in addition to listening to guest lectures by renowned scientists.

The Experimental Aircraft Association Young Eagles program (EAA) encourages kids and pre teens from age 8 to 17 years to enjoy flying with EAA member volunteers in general aviation airplanes. The Radio Control Planes activity zone promotes young designers and aviation engineers to test their miniature aircrafts on a test ground.

The Festival of Flowers is not complete without entertainment and several shows are arranged by volunteers and the residents of Greenwood County to entertain visitors. Live music shows are conducted in the open gardens, some of which include the Countybank Jazz Festival, the Festival Chorale Performance, the Free Bluegrass Festival, Rock N’ Roll Cruise In and performances by Rhonda Vincent and Natalie Stovall. Blog sobre productos para la limpieza del hogar

Several art events are organized by the volunteers at the festival. The events comprise of art, flower and photography exhibits at the Federal Building in addition to various recitals. Some of the more renowned events include the Piano Lecture Recital, the Festival Orchid Show, Arts and Crafts Show, the Juried Art Show, Churches of Greenwood, Children of Eden Theater Performance and the newly opened Secret Garden.

In addition to the standard events, the festival also organizes special events that turn out to be really unique and educational. These include the Antique Car Show, Antique Car Cruise In, Festival of Flowers Luncheon, Garden Gala Party, Safari Topiary Display Kickoff and the Medical Symposium.

The S.C. Festival also presents several special events and guest speakers. The Festival strives to bring in new speakers and talented individuals that will enlighten our community and provide useful knowledge via interactive sessions .  These lectures are  fun, lighthearted and entertaining.

Take part in and enjoy the competitions and tournaments organized at the festival for adults and kids alike. In addition to bringing out the competitive edge in an individual, these tournaments enable tourists to mingle with each other. Some of the regular tournaments include the Open Horse Show, SC Festival of Flowers Wachovia Triathlon, YMCA Swim Meet, 5K Fun Run, Greenwood County Bee Buzzin’ Bicycle Tour, Junior Open Tennis Championships and Junior Festival of Flowers Golf to name a few.

If guests feel like exploring Greenwood County, they will be pleased to find that the festival also incorporates tours that take guests to most of the attractions in the county. Some of these tours include the Cokesbury College Tour, Greenwood Churches Tour, Local Garden Tours and tours to the Safari Topiary Display ground.

With so much to see and do, this is definitely not going to be just any other normal flower show. Your family will cherish the educational trip for ages and you can also make peace with the fact that they learnt quite a few useful things in addition to enjoying Festival of Flowers.

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    South Carolina Tourist Attractions

    South Carolina Tourist Attractions

    Every year, thousands of people from around the world flock in hordes to South Carolina to attend the South Carolina Festival of Flowers. Celebrating its 42 ye





    South Carolina Tourist Attractions
    South Carolina Tourist Attractions

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