Sports Stars Who Treated Their Fans Like Trash

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 Sports Stars Who Treated Their Fans Like Trash

Most star athletes are remembered for their game first, and their personality second. John McEnroe is one of the few athletes who is remembered like this: “Oh yeah, that guy was a jerk. What sport did he play again?”

Tennis star John McEnroe was known for his volatile temper, which he often directed at fans. In fact during his career, news stories about McEnroe dedicated almost as much time to his tantrums as to his game. According to Salon, in 2000 McEnroe questioned a lines call during a game, and when a heckler shouted, “C’mon, Mac, not already!” McEnroe turned around and replied, “You got an appointment to get to?” and then “What the f**k do you care?”

That was tame compared to some of the things McEnroe said in the years leading up to that point, though. In 1987 during a match with German star Boris Becker, McEnroe insulted the French when a spectator shouted “you can’t trust a frog” to a French umpire and McEnroe replied, “You better believe it.” Then he insulted the Germans when he told a fan to “go eat some more sauerkraut,” and then he insulted people of African descent when he came at a black linesman with the words, “I didn’t know they had black Germans.” So the dude is not just a jerk to his fans, he’s also kinda racist. Nice.

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