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The most exciting and colourful part of getting ready for a baby’s arrival is the designing of a nursery for your baby. Many mothers are absolutely thrilled at the idea and spend a lot of time choosing the right colour and themes that would catch their fancy.

As far as the baby’s comfort goes, the most important, or perhaps the only thing that needs to be taken care of is the crib bedding. Considering the fact that newborns spend most of their day sleeping in the crib, makes it the most essential and important item in a nursery. Due to this fact, setting up a crib bedding has to be done with extreme care and extra caution.


Most first time mothers are unaware of the dangers of not setting up a proper crib bedding for their babies. Cribs are dangerous and can become the cause for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) in babies. Some basic safety precautions have to be followed in order to keep your baby safe in the nursery and prevent any untoward incident in his baby’s life.

As his mother, you need to be aware of the safe steps involved in setting up crib bedding. With a number of choices and options to explore, it’s only natural that many new mothers get confused. Here’s a step by step instruction as to how to go about setting a crib bedding for your bundle of joy.

Function Of Crib Bedding

A crib bedding is basically used for comfortably holding the baby while he sleeps. Therefore safety and comfort must be your first preference while looking for cribs. Look for bright colours that can stimulate your baby’s eyes. Go for cotton material as cotton suits all climates and your baby will have fewer chances of allergic manifestations on the skin as well. A basic crib bedding must have a cover for the mattress, pillow, skirts for the crib, blankets, sheets and a bumper pad.

Secure The Crib Bumper Well

The crib bumpers normally have Velcro fasteners that can be attached to the inside of the crib. Some cribs have strings that can be tied. Whichever one you buy, ensure that all the Velcro fasteners are securely attached and all the ties are perfectly tied around the edges of the crib. This will make sure that your baby does not fall as a result of the fasteners coming off or strings coming out loose while he moves.

Choose cribs with light weight bumpers which are thin and allow air circulation. This is better for preventing any dangers of the bumper pad falling over the baby’s face or allowing a grown up baby to use it for stepping out of the crib.

Place The Mattress

Now you can place the mattress well on the crib. A mattress cover that is waterproof is very important for the crib. Even if you are using diapers for the baby, there is always some leakage through the diaper that can spoil the mattress. Mejores tendederos

A waterproof mattress cover helps in protecting the mattress from moisture and preventing fungus formation on the mattress. This will also help the mattress remain fresh and clean for a long time.

Fit The Sheets Well

Whatever type of crib bedding you choose, it is very important to use a sheet over it. The mattress may have fillings that can come out when your baby moves his legs and hands and the mattress might fall over his head or face if it is not secured in place. These accidents do not happen very often, but they are entirely possible and it pays to be careful.

Ensure that the sheets are placed firmly under the mattress, covering the mattress completely, leaving no chance of any danger to the baby. If the crib sheet is too small, get one that is big enough to go under the crib mattress.

Certain crib bumpers are located only in the portion where the head of the baby is placed. As long as it is fastened securely, there is no danger for the baby as the baby is too light for the Velcro or strap to burst under pressure.

Place The Sheet Saver

Though this is optional a sheet saver will prevent the need for changing the fitted sheet quite often. This is also an additional safety measure for the baby to prevent the fitted sheet and mattress from getting loose and falling over him when he moves. A sheet saver can be placed right on top of the fitted sheet and the straps on either side can be tied on to the slats of the crib to secure them in place.

Avoid Stuffed Toys And Extra Beddings

In view of the safety of the baby, any stuffed toys, extra sheets, pillows and blankets must be avoided in the crib. Though these items can add beauty to the room, they are very dangerous and will pose the risk of SIDS and must be kept away from a baby’s crib. Pillows if need be can be a pillow which is fitted on the mattress and has no chance of coming off and choking the baby.

It is also important to avoid any sheets or blankets, especially blankets, as they are heavy and can cause choking hazard to the baby. If it is too cold, the baby can be made to wear warm clothes that cover his entire body and can be placed in a sleep sack which is a blanket that can be worn by the baby with openings through which the hands and the head can be left outside. The sleep sack can be zipped to keep it in place and also to keep the baby secure and warm.

The crib skirt is just a decorative piece of material that gives the crib a beautiful flouncy appearance altogether. However, they help in hiding the storage area under the crib where you would want to store things that you use on a daily basis. Though a crib bedding seems like a simple thing to set up, several precautionary measures have to be taken to make it safe for your baby which most mothers are either not aware of or ignorant as unimportant.

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How To Make Crib Bedding

How To Make Crib Bedding

The most exciting and colourful part of getting ready for a baby’s arrival is the designing of a nursery for your baby. Many mothers are absolutely thrilled





How To Make Crib Bedding
How To Make Crib Bedding

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