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Tel Aviv – City with a Difference

The Mediterranean has some invigorating qualities that inspire people living in cities on the seacoast to be positive and resilient for leading a satisfying life. Tel Aviv is such a city. Although dangerously threatened by terrorists, its people are determined to enjoy every moment of their life. It is a place where bunkers and discos are seen cheek by jowl.

Israeli capital Tel Aviv is also the country’s most important commercial and cultural center. It abounds with museums, art galleries and theatres. The great Israel Philharmonic is known worldwide. The perfect blending of typical Mediterranean vibrancy and the lust for life of its people has made the city an interesting place to visit. In recognition of its unique architectural and town planning design, UNESCO had declared Tel Aviv a World Heritage Site.


Tel Aviv was built in 1909 as the first Jewish city near the ancient port of Jaffa. Both later merged to form a combined city. Ancient Jaffa area is different – and perhaps more attractive – than the hundred-year old Tel Aviv. The old port, with its romantically derelict stone buildings, exudes fascinating old world charm. It has many labyrinthine allays with small cafes and cheerful bars. Many bohemian artists and poets live in this area. There are a few ancient churches in the vicinity where local Christians still go to pray.

Exploring modern Tel Aviv and ancient Jaffa is like a sentimental journey through Israel’s past and present. Start your journey on foot along the Promenade passing through modern high-rise buildings in South Tel Aviv to the quaint world of Jaffa Port. Visit the amazing Flea Market near the Clock Tower. You can buy here a wide range of objects – from antiques to dysfunctional toaster. There are, of course, many modern shopping malls in the city. Walk wherever possible. Tel Aviv is a great city, but not big.

The glorious beaches of Tel Aviv spring to life in the morning. Stroll around the beach or walk down the Promenade and watch the activities around you. Enjoy the sun and water throughout the day. Beach front bars open in the evening. Comprar Pintura

The first Jewish neighborhood outside Jaffa was built in 1887 in the Neve Tzedek area. It is now the preferred locality of the city’s glitterati.

Most streets of Tel Aviv have specific characters that make it easier for tourists to choose the street they wish to tread. Dizengoff Street is a prestigious area and many fashion houses are located here along with cafes and beer bars. Rothschild Boulevard is an exclusive area lined with trees. This was the major first street in the city with 100-year old aristocratic villas.

Good hotels are located along the coast. Check online and book one before arrival. Like Jewish Diaspora, Israeli cuisine is very international but is often dominated by Arabic influence.

Lively nightlife spots are practically everywhere in the city. Popular ones are located in the Rothchild Quarters. Many restaurants, bars, clubs and entertainment places keep the city awake until the daybreak. Tel Aviv is not only a mere fun city. It is different. Come and check it, and get enthralled.

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    Travel to Tel-Aviv

    Travel to Tel-Aviv

    The Mediterranean has some invigorating qualities that inspire people living in cities on the seacoast to be positive and resilient for leading a satisfying li





    Travel to Tel-Aviv
    Travel to Tel-Aviv

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