The Absolute Best Crab Legs In The US

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  The Absolute Best Crab Legs In The US

The Shaking Crab is a casual seafood chain where you can feast on crab legs. The restaurant originally opened in Newton, Massachusetts, near Boston, and per its website, there are now locations in New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and other states. The Shaking Crab’s ability to expand should speak to its positive reputation as a popular seafood restaurant.

The opportunities to eat crab legs at The Shaking Crab are endless, and the top menu options include ordering a boiled seafood bag. Crab lovers can eat king, snow, and Dungeness varieties. The crabs are mainly served as individual legs or in clusters, which Quality Seafood Delivery explains typically include a shoulder, claw, and three legs that are connected by body meat. There are tons of combo packs and you can order an entire tray filled with seasoned crabs, shrimp, corn, potatoes, lobster, or whatever pleases your group — because The Shaking Crab is the type of place to visit with friends. Top 11 aceites naturales para el pelo rizado

You can even customize your seasonings and sauces, choosing between spiciness levels and options like garlic butter, cilantro lime, or Cajun. Per, since opening in 2015, the Newton location regularly has long wait times. Inside, it’s a busy mess — but that’s the fun part. Tie up your bib and pull on some plastic gloves before digging through the plastic seafood bags to get to your crab legs.

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