The Airspeeder Is A Real F1 ‘Flying Racing Car’ From The Future

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  The Airspeeder Is A Real F1 ‘Flying Racing Car’ From The Future

Matt Pearson founded Airspeeder, a flying car racing series, in 2016 with the vision of accelerating the next-generation mobility revolution through healthy competition. Pearson is also the founder of Alauda Aeronautics. According to Forbes, Alauda and Airspeeder’s business model is similar to Formula E racing. Alauda will supply the hardware to multiple racing teams to build and develop their “flying cars” or eVTOLs and race around a virtual racetrack in the sky. In this manner, the racing teams and Alauda could explore the technological limits of flying vehicles. Strudel de manzana sin gluten: la receta

The Airspeeder MK3 debuted in February 2021 and conducted its series of maiden flights by June. However, the MK3 is an ultra-light, electric-powered VTOL octocopter flown via remote control. Alauda claims the Airspeeder MK3 can perform hairpin turns better than a Formula One racing car, and it has a swappable battery pack. Developed explicitly to compete in the EXA Racing Series, the MK3 is a testbed for what’s possible in the blossoming world of flying cars.

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