How to Learn the Basics of Skydiving




The Basics of Sky Diving

If you are a lover of extreme sports, then there is no other sport that is more extreme than sky diving. The feeling of life flashing past your eyes as you free fall from an aircraft with nothing but a parachute to separate you from the clutches of life and death; you need to experience it to believe it.

What is Sky Diving:- The sport of Sky Diving involves jumping off an aircraft at unbelievable heights and hurtling towards the ground at hurtling speeds. For some time, you float on air as the gravitational pull is not that strong.

As you start falling, midway, a parachute needs to be deployed which stops your fall and brings you gracefully to the ground. In between your descent to the ground, you get to enjoy a stunning eagle’s eye view of the ground below and the surrounding regions.


Most tourist destinations provide the opportunity for tourists to perform sky diving at nearby attractions. If you want to practice and revel in the sport, here are a few basic tips you would find useful before you get ready for the dive.

Be sure you want to do it:- There is no turning back once you board that flight and reach the skies. Make up your mind about the sport and be sure you want to do it before you go for it. Last minute decision changes will not only affect your plans but the plans of fellow divers as well.

Join a reputed school:- It is no use having a crash course in sky diving as you need to learn even the intricate nuances of the diving procedure. Many amateur schools claim that they would be able to provide all the necessary guidance and equipment for sky diving. But this is a matter of life and death.

It is best recommended that you choose a licensed school which has a good reputation among people with regard to the best equipments and safety.

Understanding the rules and regulations:- There are certain restrictions for sky diving.You need to be above 18 years old to dive and a maximum of 250 pounds. Your mind and body needs to be in aware of the effort you need to put. It is better to get a health check done before the jump to make you feel sure you are up to it.

Basic Understanding of the Concept and the Risks involved:- When you are in training, keep your eyes and ears open and collect useful information that would help you during the dive.

As in any form of extreme sports, risks are inherent with sky diving as well. But there is no need to fear as that itself will stop you from enjoying the jump.

Most of the accidents in sky diving occur due to mistakes in judgment or procedure. So it is best advised that you learn the basics well and go over them several times with the instructor. Health Tips

Almost all the schools provide flying drills wherein you practice at ground level several times before going in for the real dive. This helps you to remain focused on the procedure and act instinctively if you tend to get confused during the original dive.

Basic Clothing:- When you are about to perform a sky dive, remember to wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. Sandals, slippers and open toed shoes are a big No No as they tend to fly off when you are diving.

In addition to the exhilarated feeling of falling from the sky, you will be spared the humility of flying apparel if you adorn warm clothing with running shoes. Although goggles are provided by the school, you can bring your own pair for comfort.

Don’t be over cautious:- Free your mind. Remember, the sport can be fun only if you enjoy it. Don’t think about the height from which you’re falling, the mishap that may occur of your chute doesn’t deploy or any other accident which you have seen so much off in TV shows. The more cautious you become, the more fearful you will become of the jump.

If it would appease you, strike up a conversation with fellow divers and hear their previous experiences. Diving is more fun in groups and the pep talk may actually calm you down. Another method would be press certain pressure areas in your palm which actually reduces the tension and lets you breathe and think easier.

Diving with the Instructor:- If all other methods fail to calm you down, just opt to make the first dive with an instructor. Some let you jump alone but for the most part, if you are jumping for the first time, an instructor would be there with you.

So there is no need for you to be apprehensive about the dive at all. Look out the door, see the sweeping landscapes far below, take a deep breath and jump into oblivion.

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    How to Learn the Basics of Skydiving

    How to Learn the Basics of Skydiving

    If you are a lover of extreme sports, then there is no other sport that is more extreme than sky diving. The feeling of life flashing past your eyes as you fre





    How to Learn the Basics of Skydiving
    How to Learn the Basics of Skydiving

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