The Best Places To Stay In Masai Mara, Kenya




 If you were to close your eyes, while standing before a map of the world and think about the ultimate wildlife destination on this planet, your finger would be magnetically drawn to Maasai Mara in Kenya, which is on the border of Tanzania.

Africa’s greatest wildlife reserve which spans nearly 600 square miles is also the home of the intriguing Masai community who have caught the imagination of people worldwide for their cultural traditions and clothing.

Getting to Masai Mara

You can fly into Maasai Mara, from Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, to different airports in the reserve, depending on which camp you have booked.  Kenyan Airways offers two flights daily. Private planes can also be hired. The flight usually takes under an hour. Many prefer to rough out the six hour drive to Masai Mara, purely to enjoy the picturesque splendor and verdant green forestry. You can book a 4X4 SUV and hire a guide as this ensures that you don’t get lost.


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It is imperative that you check the best places to stay in Masai Mara as this reserve has the highest recorded lion population in the world, besides nearly 2 million Thomson Gazelle, Zebra and animals of other genus. This reserve is also home to over hundred species of mammals and 600 confirmed species of birds.

In Maasai Mara

The major source of Kenya’s income is generated from Wildlife tourism. Entry fees for adults are $ 80 and $ 30 for children. There are plenty of lodges and camps where one can stay in this game reserve, however if you want to stay in the Mara Triangle then it would be advisable to book well in advance as there is only one lodge. Poaching is virtually non-existent as dedicated rangers patrol this vast area round the clock.

Explore Maasai Mara

There are many hotels, usually named camps in this game reserve. You will be disappointed if you are looking for a Best Western, Ramada or a Hilton. They don’t exist here as construction hotels would not blend in with the eco surroundings of Maasai Mara. A good choice would be the Mara Explorer Camp which has been awarded a gold eco rating. This camp is situated in the middle of the reserve on the banks of the Talek River.

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This camp is very exclusive as it has only 10 spacious tents fitted with all amenities. This camp also has its own private airstrip, so for the not so budget conscious traveler, a stay at this camp is a must. This camp has an outstanding and educative safari package and you could learn a lot from the local guides.

If you are a vegetarian then look forward to meals here as all the vegetables used are grown within this camp. Another attraction is the hot balloon rides which will give you a panoramic view of the game reserve. Private game reserve. A stay at this camp would cost about $ 700.

In-sync With The Maasai Mara eco System

If you want to enjoy a continuous affair with nature and wildlife then staying at the Porni Lion Camp is recommended. This is again an exclusive 20 tent hotel which offers safaris morning, day and night. A local from the Maasai tribe will escort you on a walking safari and just maybe invite you to his hut where you can experience firsthand the way this tribe lives. Blog de Nutricion, Entrenamiento y Fitness

In the evenings simply take in the breathtaking sundown from the expansive wooden viewing deck attached to your tent or for that matter if you are an early riser then walk a few steps to scenic spots to usher in a new day at this fascinating game reserve.

Meet The Honorary Warden of Kenya Wildlife Service

For the romantic at heart, a stay at the colonial Cottar’s 1920 Camp is a must. The ambience of this camp has romance written all over it and oozes elegance. This camp also boasts of having the best guide in this region- Calvin who is a fourth generation local.

Calvin who has the distinction of being voted the best guide several times has grown up in the bushes of Maasai Mara and gained knowledge about the wildlife from his father Glen. Calvin has also the unique distinction of being appointed as the honorary warden of Kenya Wildlife Service.

There are several such camps located in and around Maasai Mara game reserve. One such camp is the Saruni Mara Camp situated on the fringes of the reserve. This camp offers the grandiose and opulence and scores second to none in quality service. The decor is antique and cuisine a fusion of Italian and Kenyan delicacies.

The shower rooms can be adjusted in such a way that you can also take in the view while having a shower. You can also take time out to learn the bush crafts from the locals there.

A Lodge Near The Waterhole of Animals

Another hotel bordering the game reserve is the Ngerende Island Lodge situated in the Ol Choro-Oirogua Conservancy. The lodge is located right where the Mara River curves and therefore nearly all the rooms have a view of the river. This lodge also has elevated platforms from which game can be viewed safely.

Nearly 200 species flock this area, and Hippos, elephants and crocodiles can be seen drinking water from this river. The lodge has 7 spacious luxury tents and an interesting outdoor bath.

For the traveler who needs complete relaxation after tiring day in the reserve, he or she could take a relaxing massage at the in house spa. The lodge also has hired expert animal spotters who can quickly have the tourist’s adrenalin pumping when pointed out to a game.

If you prefer non-exclusive surroundings then Exploreans Mara Rianta Camp would be an ideal bet. This camp also offers luxury tents overlooking the Mara River. This is an ideal place to watch huge number of hippos lazing in the still waters of this river.
All these hotels are manned with experienced and attentive staffs and are laden with modern facilities to keep the tourists happy and contented.

The Best Places To Stay In Masai Mara, Kenya

The Best Places To Stay In Masai Mara, Kenya

 If you were to close your eyes, while standing before a map of the world and think about the ultimate wildlife destination on this planet, your finger would





The Best Places To Stay In Masai Mara, Kenya
The Best Places To Stay In Masai Mara, Kenya

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