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Kenya is famed for eco tourism as the country boasts an amazing assortment of diverse flora and fauna.  Tourism is very well developed as the government takes proactive ventures to improve the wildlife resorts that dot the spectacular topography. There are  various parks serve well to safari-interested tourists.

Although tourism can be easily arranged, you must do your homework before booking safari camps in National Parks. Firstly you must try to find out what kind of accommodation you can get at the park and how well the park is connected with the rest of Kenya or is it absolutely remote.

Expedition lodgings in Kenya vary from rudimentary campsites to luxurious hotels and even riverside cottages. Tour buses, four wheel drive vehicles, or hot air balloons are provided to tourists to facilitate sightseeing. Hence, safaris in Kenya is full of adventure and excitement.


National Reserve of Masai Mara

In Kenya an extremely popular destination  for safari is Masai Mara. A huge quantity of wildlife is found here. Leopards and Cheetahs are spotted quite easily in the act of hunting. Buffalo, elephants, zebras, giraffes, hippos and baboons can be seen loitering in bushes and shrubs.

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About two million wildebeests and other animals migrate to these lush plains. The camps in the area are popular among foreigners who can enjoy unique natural scenic beauty.

The country is the ancestral habitat of Masai people who have largely retained their conventional tribal style of life and are very much eager to entertain tourists with programs of tribal ceremonies and dancing. Various Masai have undertaken the profession of guides for the tourists.

Amboseli National Park

Among the various reserve parks in Kenya, Amboseli National Park in central southern part of Kenya  is an attractive destination which draw number of visitors all through the year. Tourists can trek to the foothills of the snow clad Mount Kilimanjaro from where visitors can sport creatures like leopards and hedgehogs prowling among the undulated grasslands.

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Large groups of elephants saunter on the plains and share space with buffalo, lions, zebra, baboons and cheetahs are very usual sights also.

Lake Nakuru National Park

This park is popular for  birdlife sanctuaries that provide haven to over four hundred species of birds, turning it into a unique destination for enthusiastic bird-watchers.

The grasslands, shallow lakes, rocky cliffs and forests offer a varied landscape where various hippos, water buffaloes and occasionally leopards may be seen. The southern part of the lake is one of the fascinating spots in Kenya to watch white and black rhinos.

Nairobi National Park

The  Nairobi National Park, can be easily accessed from the city by car and bus services. The international airport receives tourists from various parts of the world. It is really an amazing experience to watch giraffes and black rhinos roaming freely at the outskirts of the city with skyscrapers looming in the background.

Another geographically diverse park is Meru National Park located on the lowland of central part of Kenya. The area receives heavy rain and hence bush lands, jungles and tall grasslands are lush. The thick vegetation draws various herbivores and their predators. Giraffes, elephants, kudu, waterbucks, impala and cheetahs are usually found in Meru. Blog sobre música Rock


Since the place can only be navigated by four-wheeler drive, Abadare National Park is one of the minimum visited safari destinations of Kenya. This signifies a trip may be a somewhat difficult to arrange, however, one will not have to face the usual presence of large congregations of tourist.

Black cats, black leopards and giant kingfishers are some of the species that are found here along with elephants and lions. The Tsavo West National Park is well known for watering holes, which draw birds and animals in large numbers, particularly at the dry season. In this park, Mzima Springs is abundant with crocodiles and hippos.

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Tsavo East National Park flaunts a striking landscape formed by old lava flows and volcanic rocks. The park has a nice background for watching herds of elephants, black rhinos and antelopes. Lake Bogoria is roosting ground for  large flamingo communities that migrate here in search of water from the area around Lake Nakuru.

About one and half million birds exist around the adjoining areas of lake  making this an ideal spot for bird watching. The reserve comprises geysers, barren and wooded areas and  springs where zebras and warthogs move freely. These are the few reserve parks found in Kenya.

Bird Sanctuaries of Kenya reverberate profusely with these sounds as many migratory and resident bird species. Topography and climate of Kenya are perfect for these kinds of bird populations. Several  biggest locations in Kenya like Lake Bogoria, Arabuko-Sokoke Fores, lake Nivasha, Aberdares, Ruma National Park, Mount Kenya and Lake Baringo great places to find rare birds.

Trekking in the area is indulged by adventure lovers. For trekking enthusiasts this place provides unique and exciting opportunities. The arduous treks in the craggy and rocky mountain trails are exhilarating and rewarding.

Mountain Climbing and Hiking

Mountain climbing and hiking are preferred by adventure lovers in some of the locations. . Mount Elgon and Mountain Kenya have great hiking and trekking trails in Kenya. Although the prospect of trekking is alluring to avid trekkers, tourists must never loiter in uncharted territory without local guides. The areas are infested with dangerous wildlife and you can also lose your way in the wilderness which can be dangerous.

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Tourists can also enjoy the sceneries that encircle the towering Iguazu Falls. Rafting can be enjoyed in locations like Makalia Falls, Lake Nakuru and many others. In Kenya sophisticated and secured tents are great accommodation options.

However the jungle areas have various poisonous insects. So make sure to carry insect repellent and antiseptic lotions to cure inflammations. Also wear proper covered boots to prevent snake bites. Wear camouflage clothes and gear and refrain from wearing bright clothes while you are travelling in the wilderness.

Also take light cotton clothes if you are travelling in the morning because temperatures peak during this time. However evenings are colder and you must take light jackets or sweaters.

The Best Safaris In Kenya

The Best Safaris In Kenya

Kenya is famed for eco tourism as the country boasts an amazing assortment of diverse flora and fauna.  Tourism is very well developed as the government takes





The Best Safaris In Kenya
The Best Safaris In Kenya

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