The Big Myth About The Human Brain You Need To Stop Believing

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  The Big Myth About The Human Brain You Need To Stop Believing

The brain is a complex structure made up of several different areas that all serve a function in our daily lives. Each structure has a unique purpose, such as the hippocampus which is involved in learning and memory, or the amygdala, which processes our fear response. These structures can all be working simultaneously in any given situation, as explained by the Association for Psychological Science. Brain scans show this to be true — that no matter what a person is doing, all parts of the brain can be observed as active, though some more so than others. This even includes while we are asleep.

The only instance in which a brain structure would not be functioning is when brain damage is involved. This is another point against the 10% myth since if it were true, brain damage to parts of the brain that went “unused” wouldn’t cause difficulties. However, when brain structures are damaged and unable to work, this can cause immense problems in the person’s functioning. The truth is that at all times, all parts of our brains are interconnected and working together as one unit. 

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