The Biggest Mistakes You Need To Avoid With Brisket

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  The Biggest Mistakes You Need To Avoid With Brisket

When it’s time to season your meat, you’re faced with a difficult question: Is your brisket better off with a marinade or dry-rub? The answer comes down to personal preference. Marinades tenderize meat, which brisket needs, but dry rubs add texture and helps to develop a crusty bark on the meat.

If you want deeper, more complex flavor profiles, you’re better off letting your brisket soak in a liquid marinade overnight, allowing the meat to soak up the marinade components, whether they be wines, citrus bases, or vinegars. There’s no law that you have to marinate your brisket overnight, so if you, for whatever circumstance, can’t marinate for 12 to 24 hours, it’s not the end of the world … but it’s recommended for a brisket flavor that will knock your guests’ socks off.

Because dry rubs are just spices without any liquid elements, there’s no need to apply them the night before — the spices aren’t soaking in anywhere. Just know that the bark will be the most flavorful seasoning-wise.

Feeling crafty? You can combine a marinade and dry rub — just be very careful to not create an overwhelm of any one taste by overlapping flavor profiles in the marinade and the rub. For example, if your dry rub contains salt or garlic, you may want to avoid those flavors in your marinade. Done correctly, using both can create an unforgettable brisket flavor.

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