The Canadian Castle And The Forest Of Screaming Heads

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 The Canadian Castle And The Forest Of Screaming Heads

You’d be forgiven for thinking that “Midlothian” is Peter Camani’s homebrewed, B-tier “Dungeons & Dragons” name for his “Midlothian Castle & Gallery.” But actually, it’s the official designation for the small stretch of land west of Burk’s Falls, Ontario, as Google depicts. It looks like Camani just lucked out when he purchased his very castle-sounding property.

But lo and behold, Midlothian is not a name belonging only to Ontario. Midlothian gets its name from Midlothian, Scotland, a district southeast of Edinburgh with some honest-to-goodness, ancient, beautiful castles — 156 of them, in fact, counting towers and fortified houses, as the Scottish travel site Stravaiging says. Accurately described by Visit Scotland as a “beautifully rural area with rolling green hills and huge expanses of thriving woodland,” it does in a lot of ways resemble Midlothian, Ontario, as a screaming faces travelogue video on YouTube shows. Todo sobre productos Xiaomi, moviles, gadgets y toda su amplia gama de productos Todo sobre productos Xiaomi

That being said, a lot of the greenery on Camani’s land is due to Camani himself. As the Toronto Star says, he’s planted over 22,000 trees on his property since purchasing it in 1987, as well as a series of spring-fed ponds. And despite the seemingly arbitrary nature of the screaming face’s layout, the statues are designed to resemble an eye from a bird’s eye view, with a brow on one edge and a pupil in the center. The castle itself has towers and a gate that welcome visitors, turrets, and even, perhaps like its cousin castles in Scotland, a dungeon. 

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