The Complete Timeline Of Andrew Garfield’s Relationships

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  The Complete Timeline Of Andrew Garfield’s Relationships

Andrew Garfield started his career by appearing in a handful of British TV shows including “Doctor Who” and “Sugar Rush.” After earning himself a BAFTA win for his performance in the 2007 juvenile detention drama, “Boy A,” the actor’s success gained momentum. He landed a role in director Robert Redford’s 2007 crime drama “Lions for Lambs” in which he starred opposite acting greats Tom Cruise and Meryl Streep, and became a bonafide star seemingly overnight. His trajectory was phenomenal, but it may not have been good for his love life.

During his rise to fame, Garfield dated “Westworld” star, Shannon Woodward, for three years. In 2010, he told Parade that although his career was hot, Woodward was extremely supportive of his newfound fame. “I think my girlfriend is proud of me and the fact that I’ve remained grounded,” he explained. “I think I’m just busier … I haven’t got as much time to mope about and complain that I’m bored. She travels with me when she’s not working. Whenever we have time, we’re together.”

In 2011, the couple broke up with a source suggesting to US Weekly (via Digital Spy) that the two hadn’t spoken in weeks prior to the split. Garfield’s busy work schedule on “The Amazing Spider-Man” was rumored to be the main reason for the split, according to the outlet. However, his new girlfriend was seemingly just a web sling away. 

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