The Legend Of The Ancient Egyptian Moon God Explained

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  The Legend Of The Ancient Egyptian Moon God Explained

A famous story about Khonsu’s healing abilities is carved in a stone tablet known as the Bentresh Stela, currently on display in Paris at The Louvre. The “Handbook of Egyptian Mythology” tells the story — adapted from the original writings on the Bentresh Stela — of Princess Bentresh of Bekhten, who fell gravely ill. The sister of Ramesses’ wife, Bentresh was possessed by an evil spirit, too powerful for even the wisest healer to fend off. Stricken, the king turned to an aspect of Khonsu, asking Khonsu-neferhotep for help curing his daughter. Khonsu-neferhotep then spoke with another of his aspects, asking the plan maker Khonsu-hetneterneb to smite the evil spirits. Blogs de la Comunitat Valenciana. VII trekking internacional ciudad de Alcoy

Khonsu was sent to Bekhten in the form of a statue, a long journey that took over a year. When the statue arrived, Khonsu gave princess Bentresh his protection, and she immediately recovered from her illness. After driving away the evil spirit, Khonsu instructed that offerings should be made to keep the spirit from ever returning. Ramesses was so impressed that he ordered the statue be kept in Bekhten. It remained there for several years until Khonsu appeared to the king in a dream, asking to be sent home. The king then realized that he had to send the statue back to Egypt, as no king could command a god.

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