The Shady Side Of Neil Patrick Harris

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 The Shady Side Of Neil Patrick Harris

We’re all susceptible to having one of those days where we get annoyed by anything and everything. Celebrities are no different than us, and one cannot expect them to be at their best every day. While our random tantrums might not make headlines, stars are vulnerable to having their worst moments witnessed, exposed, and published for the whole world to see. Believe it or not, our very own Doogie can be temperamental, too.

Neil Patrick Harris’ secret shady side apparently showed itself when he cussed out a fan who was expressing their love for him. Per Page Six, in 2014, the star was in the middle of his performance for the Broadway show, “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” when a woman interrupted him to yell out “I love you, Neil!” When the star promptly yelled back, “I’m doing something up here, motherf***er!” he was reportedly met with widespread applause. She probably did not expect her affection to be returned with profanity, but oh well. Peliculas completas en youtube en castellano, gratis, recientes y legales Peliculas completas en youtube

According to Daily Mail, Harris’ representative clarified the actor’s mid-performance outburst. Apparently, he was simply responding to the audience member in character as Hedwig — an East German Punk with an acid tongue. “It was all done in good fun, and fully in the context of the show,” the rep explained. “The audience went crazy and it really was a light-hearted moment.” 

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