Famous Temples of Kerala




The splendid temples of Kerala

Kerala has a lot to offer if you are looking for a way to connect to God or increase your knowledge about the temples. Kerala is a religious place, and many temples depicting the Indian culture and tradition adorn it. If you go to Kerala, make sure that you don’t miss these important temples.

Guruvayoor Temple:

It’s an abode of Lord Krishna, and contains murals and carvings of various deities. Known as the ‘Dwaraka of the South’, it attracts many tourists and is situated in Thrissur. The most famous temple is the Shree Krishna temple, which also happens to be one of the greatest shrines of Krishna in India.


Legend has it that Lord Brahma had gifted this temple to Lord Vishnu at Dwarka in his krishnavataram.

Sabarimala Temple:

Dedicated to Lord Ayyappa (a famous deity of the south Indians), it is best known for the elaborate celebrations of Makarasankranti and pooja for the various festivals. One of the most famous pilgrimage spots, it is situated in the Sahyadri mountains. Sabarimala Sri Dharmasastha Temple is the most famous and prominent among all the Sastha Temples. History reveals that Parasurama Maharshi, who retrieved Kerala by throwing an axe, installed the idol of Ayappa here to get a glimpse of lord ayyappa.

The pilgrims here need to follow certain rules like observing austerities for 41 days. Abstinence from non vegetarian food and cardinal pleasures is also required. Also, girls who have not reached their puberty and those who have reached menopause are only allowed here.

Also, this temple doesn’t distinguish between the different castes and cultures and welcomes people from the world around. The main pilgrimage is undertaken between November and January.

The distance from the base to the top takes about three days to cover and the most important part of the pilgrimage are the final 18 steps, which lead to the temple. Worshippers break a coconut before entering the village.

You can reach this temple from Chalakkayam, and reach the river Pamba by car. From here, worshippers trek around 5 kms and reach the temple.

Kalpathy Vishwanath Temple:

It is the oldest Shiva temple, near Palakkad, Kerala. A chariot festival is conducted for 7 days, where the exclusively decorated chariots, bedecked with flowers and flags, are drawn by thousands of devotees with the calm sounds of chanting buzzing in the air. It generally takes place in November, when millions of devotees line up on the streets trying to be the privileged few of touching the chariot and seeking the lord’s blessings. Blog de Nutricion, Entrenamiento y Fitness

The adjacent Tamil Brahmin villages are considered to be a true tourist attraction, since they depict the life of Indians around 1000 years ago.

You can even stay at Palakkad hotels which are quite cheap and offer good services, and be a spectator to the 7 days grandeur.

Sri Padmanabh Swamy Temple:

While the Sabarimala temple invites everyone, irrespective of their caste, this temple is strictly meant for the Hindus. The 100 feet high ‘gopuram’, the main temple tower which houses an 18 feet long idol of Shiva decked with gold and precious stones is sure to amaze you. You can view the idol from three different doors. The top most door shows the head and torso, the middle door gives you a brilliant view of the midriff and hands of the deity. You can touch the lord’s feet through the lower door. The whole city comes alive when the celebration begins and people get busy with the preparation. It is situated in Trivandrum and has splendid Kerala food on offer during the celebrations.

So, come to Kerala, switch off your mobile, forget about your work for sometime and develop your friendship with god.

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    Famous Temples of Kerala

    Famous Temples of Kerala

    Kerala has a lot to offer if you are looking for a way to connect to God or increase your knowledge about the temples. Kerala is a religious place, and many te






    Famous Temples of Kerala
    Famous Temples of Kerala

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