The Stunning Transformation Of Amber Rose

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  The Stunning Transformation Of Amber Rose

Amber Rose is now a mom of two, as of this writing. In 2019, she gave birth for a second time when she and her now ex-boyfriend, Alexander Edwards (also known simply as AE), welcomed their own son, Slash (via USA Today). Slash is now the younger brother to Rose’s older son, Sebastian, whom she shares with her ex-husband, Wiz Khalifa (per BBC News). 

Rose has been open about the role that motherhood has played in her life. She told People that, like a lot of moms, her fears for her own children can even keep her up at night. “You think about all the worst things that could possibly happen to your baby, and it really sucks,” she said.

Rose has also been quick to admit that, when it comes to parenting, she definitely doesn’t know everything, despite having read numerous books about motherhood. But, instead of feeling overwhelmed or worrying she’s not doing enough, she focuses on letting her own instincts take control. As Rose explained to People, “Your maternal instinct comes in, and you figure it out along the way. And that’s the fun part about it.”

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