The Stunning Transformation Of Lauren Hashian

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 The Stunning Transformation Of Lauren Hashian

Lauren Hashian followed up her Olympic commercial with more new music in 2021 — this time in the form of an EP. Well, at least the first half of one. She released “Love … and Other Things (Side A)” in December of that year, and also opened up about why she waited until the age of 37 to put out an album. She explained that, for a long time, she was simply too scared to perform. “You see these artists like Olivia Rodrigo or Billie Eilish, who are so young, but they have the guts to put themselves out there, to share their songs,” she told Billboard. “It’s incredible. And I think for me, looking back, I was never that kid.”

In an interview with The Boston Globe, Hashian admitted that she also wanted to protect her privacy as her music “is pretty personal.” That being said, though, Hashian explained that her album is “less about me and [my husband], it’s more about the poetry of it all and human connection.” Per Billboard, the EP features three tracks, including “What You Want (DeJa Vu),” that, per Hashian, “discuss romantic love in different forms.” The second half of the EP is slated for a spring 2022 release.

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