The Stunning Transformation Of Vanessa Trump

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  The Stunning Transformation Of Vanessa Trump

While there were rumors that Vanessa Trump was leaving Donald Trump Jr. because of his tightfisted ways, the former model isn’t exactly hurting for cash. While her mother is still alive, Vanessa inherited a not-so-small fortune from her father, Charles Haydon, who passed away in 2005. Haydon, in addition to being a successful attorney, also made some pretty savvy investments that paid dividends even after his death. Page Six reported that Haydon owned 30 percent of Rao’s Specialty Foods which manufactures sauces, olive oils, and dressings that are sold internationally.

The company was sold for roughly $415 million in 2017, leaving Vanessa and her family with a sizable windfall. According to People, the money would have been untouchable by Donald Jr. in the divorce proceedings, as it was part of an inheritance. The fortune ensures that Vanessa will be able to be financially independent, with or without her ex-husband.

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