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Maybe it was the thrill of a rough, adrenaline-fueled car sex, maybe it was terrible boredom, the likes of which I’d never ever felt before but was feeling full-on on that day.

Or maybe it was the alcohol – though I really doubt that – or it was just something in me that was willing to burst out, an inherent sub-conscious quest for my own fantastic personal infidelity true story.

I’d always been a sucker for dope personal stories of infidelity. A thrill seeker borne of some genuine long periods of immense boredom, resorting at last to infidelity.

Either way, all I know is it was 12 am and I was stuck in a frigging desert, half naked in the middle of nowhere laying on the warm hood of a Mercedes Benz, while my driver stood smoking with cigarettes not too far away, fully naked and looking hot as ever.

Funniest part of it is, even though I felt sick to my stomach, both metaphorically and literally, it was a fucking great night!

My Infidelity True Story – First Take

I have to admit now straight off the bat, this probably isn’t one of the typical infidelity true stories you’ve heard. Why? Because I’ve done this before.

I remember it was about three years into my marriage. And yes, once again alcohol may have been somehow involved.

But this time it wasn’t with my driver – and yes, that makes a whole difference. You don’t believe it does? Well ok, let’s examine the situation.

Back then I was young and exuberant and bustling with life. I was newly married and my spouse was sex indifferent.

It was not that we were not willing, it’s just, I never really felt that it was enjoyed. And I had to instigate it all the time. So one day I fell, landed at a hospital and there was a charming doctor – the rest, they say, is history.

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My Infidelity True Story – What’s So Different?

Well, first thing is, back then I had an excuse. Whether or not you consider it a plausible one is not important. What matters is back then I was bored out of my mind and lethargic.

Now, I’m “fulfilled”. Everything is going well – or at least on the surface. My spouse is more willing, he buys me gifts on occasions and has become even more of a sex animal than I am.

And yet I cheated.

Oh and with a driver, this time. I mean, I think we’ll all agree that there’s a difference between having sex with someone you find respectable and charming, and someone you weren’t even attracted to.

And no, I was not even attracted to Elsa – my driver – in the first place. And yes, Elsa is a girl.

My Adventure with Infidelity – Second Time

First time I saw Elsa was after my conference meeting on the day everything changed. I had had to get to three different meetings at different places. I was freaking exhausted after the very first one and then my car broke down right in the middle of the journey.

So I called my mechanic and then a uber.

Elsa drove the uber. Elsa was completely unremarkable to me at the time. I mean, don’t get me wrong; she looked stunning and beautiful as usual, in that weird way that she had of dressing like a really carefree but yet serious person at the same damn time.

But for the life of me I couldn’t even notice anyone. I was having a shitty day and that’s an understatement.

She drove like a beast, too. Just like she had sex (a fact of which, of course, I didn’t know at the time.)

She drove me to the second meeting and even though I was a tad scared for my life, I stopped her from leaving and booked her for the day.

From that day she became my driver – until I angrily cut ties with her a couple weeks after.

The Last Straw

“What the fuck are you doing, Elsa?”

I was so angry and it showed very clearly in my voice. Maybe too clearly. Come to think of it, I probably shouldn’t have been that angry. But then again – sometimes I get crazy for no reason at all.

“Gee relax,” she said, “it’s just a frigging – “

I was having none of it.

“Look, you’re on the job with me. Working for me. And I expect you to be perfectly -“

What had happened was this: Elsa was sucking dick right in the back of the car, with a shabby-looking dude who was stoned out of his mind.

She was stoned too, Elsa, but she was alright. She had always been stoned and I had no problem with that. She seemed to perform better with the stuff.

Anyway I hadn’t had good sex for weeks and I had been busy as hell and was antsy out of mind. So I snapped.

Maybe I was right to snap, I mean, conventionally. But I also knew her and sort of admired her carelessness, like I mentioned earlier. 

Anyway I snapped. Hard.

“You need to chill the fuck out, Mary,”

She said to me.

So that did it, and I said: “Oh well you can can sure chill the F out now cos your hoe ass is fired,” and everything and then I went to a bar and got stark drunk.

I went home late afterwards and when my husband began to shout about how I’d been away for too long I gave him a really stupendous blowjob and that was when everything changed.

My Infidelity True Story: Till Eternity and Beyond

“You’re just the best. I want to fuck you till eternity. Till eternity and beyond.”

I never thought I’d ever hear my husband say those words to me. I mean here was a dude who felt about sex the way women feel about football. It’s boring as hell.

And now all he ever wanted to do was “fuck me till eternity. And beyond.”

There was only one problem, though. He wasn’t very good at it. Maybe it was a result of all those years of sexual indifference.

Either way he starts on a high and finishes on a low, really fast, too. And then the next day he’s back again wanting to go.

It was exhausting – and quite pathetic to say the least. And of course I had started to miss Elsa. I still felt bad about the other night but I was proud and never called. And then – the bar happened.

The Bar

After the night I snapped at Elsa, the bar I retreated to sort of became my second home. I didn’t even get drunk all the time or anything, I only went because I needed somewhere to escape to.

Plus they had a hot bartender who I’m sure really wanted to have rough sex with me. I could see it in his eye.

For some reason I didn’t want it, though. But it was fun being wanted and all.

I was flirting with the bartender when I heard someone sit beside me and say, “quit flirting with her. She’s married.”

It was Elsa.

I was so happy to see her and it was really obvious in my face and voice. Just like my anger was that night.

“You look like a holy mess.”
She said to me.

“You look like an unholy one.”

I replied.

Then we drank and laughed. Apparently she felt really bad about that night. She had been going through some rough patch financially and was only using the shabby-looking dude to drown her sorrows.

She wanted her job back and I was more than happy to give it.

“I have a trip to the neighboring city tomorrow,” I told her. “Pick me up at 7 pm.”

The Faithful Day; The Faithful Desert

“Shit. Shit. Shit.”

“Hey you gotta stop that. There’s no point cursing now. What’s happened has happened.”

“It’s all my fault.”

“Well that doesn’t matter. What matters is it’s happened. Now what the hell do we do about it?”

So we stood there looking each other in the eye – and that was when, it happened.

See what had happened earlier was Elsa had shown up right on time but my husband and I were going at it really loudly cos he wanted to “do me till eternity and beyond,” but I was late for my trip and I wasn’t feeling it.

So we ended up leaving later than usual.

I went downstairs to find Elsa looking like a snack. She had cleaned up good and had her hair done all beautiful, apparently to appease her previous shortcomings.

I liked it very much.

And then about 3 hours into our journey the car blew a fucking gasket or something. Either way we were stuck, still about three hours from our destination, in a desert in the middle of nowhere.

And Elsa was there, standing looking all pretty and apologetic. Which was definitely a first for her. The utter change was attractive as hell.

My Infidelity Personal Story: Doing the Deed

So I comforted her some more, never minding that I was totally late and screwed, and we sat on the hood of the car not even thinking about how to get out of there.

We were both thinking the same things. To fuck each other’s brains out.

It seemed a little weird for me because I’d never been with a girl. Elsa had but still she also felt a little awkward. Not for long though. She made the first move.

It was, as they say, the best I ever had.

Where Do We Go From Here

“Where the hell do we go from here?”

It wasn’t I who asked the question. It was Elsa. I had no idea in the world how to answer that question.

“We can’t stay like this, can we?”

I wanted to say, hell yeah, let’s do it. But it was crazy. It was 12 am and we were in the middle of a frigging desert – naked and half naked. My head was banging and I was sick and elated at the same time

No, we couldn’t stay like that.

And Now

I’m in my room typing this and I still have no idea what to do. And to make it worse – or better, maybe – my husband’s gone back to his sexual indifference.

He’s probably cheating on me with some lady who doesn’t care how long he lasts.

It’s been three days since the desert and I hadn’t seen Elsa since. Not until today, anyway, when she showed up at my door looking like a snack.

She’s downstairs sited watching a tele-novela or something. My husband’s off on a god-knows-where trip. I have no idea what to do but write.

This infidelity true story was sent to us by an anonymous reader just like you. You can read more [personal infidelity true stories] and others and even share your story with us.

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The Thrill of the Ride - I Had Sex with my Driver Where Do I go from Here

My Infidelity True Story – First TakeMy Infidelity True Story – What’s So Different?My Adventure with Infidelity – Second TimeThe Last StrawMy Infideli





The Thrill of the Ride - I Had Sex with my Driver Where Do I go from Here

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