The Tragic Story Of Andrew Jackson’s Adopted Creek Son

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  The Tragic Story Of Andrew Jackson’s Adopted Creek Son

On November 3rd 1813, 1,000 cavalry from the Tennessee militia attacked a village called Tallushatchee, on the orders of future U.S. President Andrew Jackson. The village was Muscogee (sometimes called Creek, as noted by The Muscogee Nation.) By the end of the day, approximately 200 Muscogee people had been killed.

As described at the time in the Columbian Phenix by General John Coffee, who led the attack, they had orders to destroy the Muscogee village completely. Coffee described a fierce battle, in which the Muscogee fought fearlessly to protect their homes and families, but were ultimately overwhelmed by the massive number of attackers. As noted by Slate, the soldiers killed all the men who had lived in the village and set houses on fire. One of the soldiers was frontiersman Davy Crockett, who would later briefly describe the massacre, saying only, “We shot them like dogs.”

Many children were orphaned in the attack. As described by the National Parks Service, one of the survivors was an infant boy, still holding onto his mother’s body. This baby would soon attract the attention of Andrew Jackson.

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