The Truth About Justin Thomas’ Girlfriend Jillian Wisniewski

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 The Truth About Justin Thomas’ Girlfriend Jillian Wisniewski

In college, Jillian Wisniewski studied journalism and worked at the school’s television station, per Golf Monthly. Per her LinkedIn page, she now works as a production manager at McGarry Bowen, a creative advertising agency based in Chicago. She says that she manages clients such as Olive Garden, Burt’s Bees, Fresh Step, and even Hidden Valley Ranch, which sounds like a very fun job. Like her beau, she also travels often for work, but she’s still a presence on the green to cheer Justin Thomas on, sometimes even caddying for him or helping him hold up his many awards. 

Sometimes she just barely makes it, though. Jillian almost missed watching her boyfriend win his first major title at the 2017 PGA Championship. She was supposed to be on a later flight, but Thomas called her to hurry up. “I truly felt like I was going to win. I remember my girlfriend was supposed to fly out at about 7pm and I was like, you need to change your flight to later, I just feel like I don’t want you to miss this. I feel like I’m going to get it done,” Thomas said, per Golf Monthly.  

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