The Truth About Sylvester Stallone And Brigitte Nielsen’s Relationship

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  The Truth About Sylvester Stallone And Brigitte Nielsen’s Relationship

Three decades years after they were a couple, Brigitte Nielsen and  Sylvester Stallone reunited on the set of 2018’s “Creed II,” where both reprised their roles from “Rocky IV.” In what could have been a … rocky … reunion, the pair were able to not only work together, but also “[bury] the hatchet.” Nielsen described the experience as “amazing” to People, saying, “We are two professionals and we kept it that way. He stayed in the American corner and I stayed in the Russian corner. We were on opposite sides but it was pleasant.”

She said things were emotional, but not just because of the reunion. She was also seven months pregnant at the time with her daughter, Frida. With a little movie magic, the team was able to conceal her pregnancy. “We pulled it off and everyone was happy,” she said.

Nielsen described the overall experience as a positive one, saying in an interview with “Larry King Now” that “It was a long time ago, and you know with time, everything kind of just smooths out. And because he’s a pro. I’m a pro. And we do things like actors should do. We treat each other with respect and dignity and we have a work day ahead of us … We moved on.”

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