The Truth About Tamron Hall’s Marriage

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  The Truth About Tamron Hall’s Marriage

From their religions to their favorite sports teams, there have been a lot of differences that Tamron Hall and Steven Greener have had to put aside over all these years. “We’re an interracial couple, we’re both older parents, he’s from the Bronx, I’m from Texas, that alone is a divide,” she said during an interview with Good Housekeeping.

Disagreements, unfortunately, are an inevitable part of any relationship. Yet, this is exactly what inspired Hall and Greener to make a very important promise to one another during their first trip together. They swore that they would “never turn on each other” and that they would “always be on each other’s side” despite all the obstacles they had in their way.

Today, these two really do seem to have it all figured out. “My story is not one I could’ve ever expected. I never thought I’d have to lose everything to gain even more,” Hall told People. “But I lost my spot and I gained a husband who roots for me, a beautiful baby boy who looks at me like I’m his entire world.”

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