The Untold Truth Of Caitlin Thompson

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  The Untold Truth Of Caitlin Thompson

Caitlin Thompson seemed to have a very special experience filming a Christmas movie for Lifetime. Thompson starred in the TV movie “Christmas Perfection,” which according to On TV Today is about a woman consumed with having the perfect holiday. The mom of one explained how she related to her character, dishing, “I host Thanksgiving every year, so I was laughing to myself through this because I was like, “This is me!” … I want everything to be organized and planned perfectly, and any wrench in my plan throws me off.”

The film was shot over about 16 days overseas in Ireland. Thompson gushed that when it came to the location, “I really felt transported. I had never been there, and the producer found such great locations, it just felt magical overall.” She added that having horses being part of the story made it even more remarkable, saying, “I love horses, and they had horses and carriages, so everything fed into the world that they created.” Todo sobre gatos, nombres de gatos y razas de gatos Blog sobre gatos

Thompson apparently couldn’t help but share some of her adventures on set with her Instagram followers. In one photo near a waterfall she wrote, “That’s a wrap on week 1 on Christmas Perfection… Having a great time,” and in another she shared photos from filming, writing “this week was full of horses, sheep, snow, and harnesses.” When the film wrapped, Thompson shared a selfie with some of the cast, writing, “What an unforgettable adventure it was making this film.” 

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