The Untold Truth Of Danica McKellar

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  The Untold Truth Of Danica McKellar

In a 2022 Instagram video post, Danica McKellar admitted that despite having a practising Christian father, she’d previously closed herself off spiritually because of certain preconceptions. “In my life, starting in childhood, I had been made aware of all the hypocrisy in the various religions of Christianity, it being used for evil, power and control throughout history, and that had definitely biased me,” she said.

However, McKellar’s beliefs changed significantly after she was given a Bible by another former child star-turned-Hallmark Channel regular. “Fuller House” star Candace Cameron Bure, who is a practicing Christian, gifted her with the scripture to help deal with a personal issue before offering an invitation to church. Tu Tienda Online Especializada en Alfombras Spa para Bañera Compra AQUÍ tu Nueva Alfombra Hidromasaje para tu Baño y Disfrútala al Mejor Precio‎ Mejores Alfombras de Hidromasajes

“The Wonder Years” alum told her followers that she’s since developed a “miraculous” relationship with God. “I’m not here to preach, but I have so much love in my heart,” she said. “I just had to share what I’m experiencing and to share a little why I believe it’s taken me up to this point to begin this journey.” According to The Christian Post, Bure jumped into the post’s comment section and wrote, “God’s love is bigger than any human love and when He sweeps you up in understanding how powerful it is, because He is, it’s undeniable.”

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