The Untold Truth Of Danny Bonaduce

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  The Untold Truth Of Danny Bonaduce

The domestic felicity embodied by the fictional Partridge family and their “get happy” positivity wasn’t one shared by Danny Bonaduce and his own family. His father disciplined his children by hitting them. But Danny wasn’t disciplined like his siblings, and the reason why is pretty dismal: his father, Joseph, didn’t like Danny enough to hit him. The two were at odds since Danny’s birth, and in response to a question about what his hobbies were as a kid, Danny answered, “ducking my father.” His mother was largely the one who accompanied him to the set. And if Joseph visited Danny’s workplace at all, he didn’t after season 2; he was banned from the set. 

It began with one inexplicable occasion: co-star David Cassidy decided to physically attack Danny and choke him. After the brawl, a shocked Danny called his father to tell him about the incident. Despite their cold relationship, Joseph Bonaduce was determined to defend his son and stormed onto set, threatening Cassidy. The producers rushed to hide Cassidy and close down production, and Joseph was no longer welcome, per C’mon Get Happy. Noticias gore, impactantes, preocupantes y apocalipticas a nivel global Mundo Gore

Joseph was the catalyst for the family’s move to California. He had some type of employment opportunity with Dick Clark that didn’t come to fruition. The Bonaduces struggled, forcing them to reconsider moving back to Philadelphia before Joseph sold a spec script for “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” per his interview with C’mon Get Happy.

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