The Untold Truth Of Die Antwoord

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One of Die Antwoord’s first videos was “Enter the Ninja,” which was a collaboration with South African artist and DJ Leon Botha. As stated by HuffPost, he also often opened Die Antwoord’s shows, under the name DJ Solarize. Internationally, he is most known for his cameo in their video, but he was also an acclaimed visual artist, making work that explored questions of self and mortality.

Botha, who died in 2017, had a rare condition called progeria, which causes extremely rapid aging. The majority of those with the condition don’t survive past 13, but Botha lived to be 26 years old.

Although he is now best remembered as a DJ, Botha was primarily a fine artist. After his death, the band released a statement (quoted via BoingBoing) describing Botha’s work as, “beautifully dark and mysterious.” In a collaborative exhibition, photographer Gordon Clark filmed scenes of “Who Am I? …Transgressions,” with Botha discussing philosophy. On a personal level, the members of the band were particularly influenced by Botha’s unique take on life, describing him as “the deepest person we have ever met.”

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The Untold Truth Of Die Antwoord


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