The Untold Truth Of I Am Jazz

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 The Untold Truth Of I Am Jazz

As of this writing, Jazz Jennings is set to embark on a new journey at Harvard University. Thus, the future of “I Am Jazz” is up in the air. Per the International Business Times, TLC, the network behind the show, has not yet hinted at a Season 8, leaving fans to wonder if the finale of Season 7 is their final goodbye to Jazz.

Adding more speculation to the future of the show, Jazz’s mom, Jeanette Jennings, admitted during an interview with MediaVillage that the future of the show is in Jazz’s hands (via IBT). Confessing that cameras would not be permitted on Harvard’s campus, Jeanette revealed that if Jazz wants to continue with the show, that’s her prerogative.

“It’s really what Jazz wants to do,” Jeanette said. “But if she’s tied up with summer school or something, they can’t film up at Harvard. They’re not allowed to … have cameras up there. Without her, we wouldn’t have a show.”

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