The Untold Truth Of James Caan

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  The Untold Truth Of James Caan

Growing up on the mean streets of Sunnyside, Queens, in the 1950s, Caan made a name for himself — two names, in fact — with his physical prowess. He earned one nickname, Shoulders, due to his broad physique. “I had these little skinny legs…[with] this big square top,” Caan told Cigar Aficionado in a 2006 interview. The second nickname, Killer Caan, came from his skills as a teenage boxer. “You know, we boxed in a ring…sometimes it wasn’t in a ring.”

At age 16 he moved halfway across the country to attend Michigan State University, where he studied Economics and played football. Years later, Caan would downplay his contributions to the team, joking that his job was “mostly holding bags and being the tackling dummy,” but that experience of being a football player and an athlete in general would mark a number of his most famous roles, from real-life Chicago Bear Brian Piccolo in the 1971 docudrama “Brian’s Song” to the star player of a dystopian bloodsport in Norman Jewison’s “Rollerball.” Even when playing a bedridden romance novelist in “Misery,” Rob Reiner’s 1990 Stephen King adaptation, Caan’s physicality plays an important part. As screenwriter William Goldman wrote in his 2000 memoir, “That pent-up energy you saw on screen was very real. And it was one of the main reasons, at least for me, the movie worked.” ¿Quién me llama al móvil? Cómo saber a quién pertenece un número de teléfono

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