The Untold Truth Of Johnny Depp

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  The Untold Truth Of Johnny Depp

Depp hit the A-list for good in the early 2000s thanks to his work as Captain Jack Sparrow in Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise. And yet before the release of the first film in the series, 2003’s “The Curse of the Black Pearl,” some Disney executives weren’t so sure they had the right man for the part.

At the 2015 AFI Fest (via Vanity Fair), Depp revealed that the choices he made with the character during the filming of “Black Pearl” so enraged and confused Disney chairman and CEO Michael Eisner that Depp thinks he almost got fired. He claims that Eisner was particularly worried that Depp played Captain Jack as “drunk” or “gay.” 

“And so I fully expected to be fired,” Depp recalled. “I got a call from the upper echelon at Disney who were courageous enough to ask me, ‘What the f*** are you doing?'” Depp assuaged their fears, although he also heard that there was talk of subtitling his scenes because he was so difficult to understand.

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