The Untold Truth Of Matthew Morrison

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 The Untold Truth Of Matthew Morrison

Matthew Morrison was attending a 2011 Grammys party when he spied a woman across the room and overheard her speaking Hawaiian pidgin slang. Having spent a few summers in Hawaii when he was a teenager as a backup singer for “Tiny Bubbles” singer Don Ho, Morrison decided to respond accordingly. “I said, ‘How is it, sistah?’ and she laughed. The rest is history,” he told the New York Post of how he met Renee Puente.

As he recalled for Us Weekly, “Renee and I fell in love quickly, and three months later she was living on a tour bus with me.” In 2014, Morrison tweeted that they had tied the knot in Hawaii, even sharing a photo of the newlyweds. Puente, Morrison told the Post, isn’t bothered by his romantic past from before they met. “Honestly, she loves the fact that I went through all that — a lot of relationships, some one-night stands. I learned a lot about who I was and, more importantly, the person I wanted to be with,” he explained. “My wife came into my life at such a great time.”  Todo sobre camas articuladas, que son, para que sirvem, como elegir la correcta... Camas articuladas

When Morrison parted ways with “So You Think You Can Dance,” Puente proved to have his back when she reposted his Instagram video along with a message of her own. She wrote, in part, “My husband has finally been given an opportunity to speak his truth. He has done so with such grace and integrity in a situation that is complex and incredibly complicated.”

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