The Untold Truth Of Subway Co-Founder Fred DeLuca

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  The Untold Truth Of Subway Co-Founder Fred DeLuca

DeLuca’s daughter-in-law said that Cindy Mattson, a long-term girlfriend, told her in 2012 that she and DeLuca had adopted a child together. While DeLuca did not sign the adoption papers, they had named the child Luca in honor of the Subway co-founder’s last name.

After DeLuca’s death, Mattson filed a lawsuit against his estate claiming that he had promised to support her and her son with $20 million. DeLuca’s next of kin, son Jonathan and widow Elisabeth, initially denied the claims. While neither Mattson nor the estate responded to media requests, in 2016, Mattson filed a document stating she had received full payment or otherwise settled the claim.

“No one ever understood why [Elisabeth] never divorced [Fred],” a long-time franchisee said. “It never made any sense. She was entitled to billions of dollars, but he had this reign of terror over her, over his son [Jonathan].” ¿Cómo Cambiar El Fondo De Whatsapp?

Jonathan DeLuca now sits on Subway’s board of directors, but his father “never had any confidence in Jonathan,” a business associate said. Two sources said that Fred refused to pay for his son’s college education, so Jonathan graduated from the University of Michigan in 1994 on a scholarship.

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