The Untold Truth Of The Dragon Man, Homo Longi

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  The Untold Truth Of The Dragon Man, Homo Longi

According to paleontologist Qiang Ji in an interview with Sixth Tone, although his study calls the Dragon Man a new species, that may change in the future after further studies are done. The Harbin cranium has only been studied since 2018 and more discoveries have yet to be made. If the team finds evidence of the Dragon Man being part of an already-known species of humans, they will change the Dragon Man’s designation accordingly.

The next step is for the team to extract DNA from the skull for testing. However, Ji doesn’t have a positive outlook on the test. “Honestly, the dragon man bones are so old, I have little confidence in being able to extract ancient genetic information from the skull,” he said. According to CNN, the Dragon Man’s cranium was found with one tooth intact, which is most likely where the DNA sample will come from.

Ji says the team will continue their efforts in studying the Dragon Man by searching for more fossils where the cranium was discovered. They are planning to dig in four specific regions in China in hopes of finding more Homo longi remains that may aid in future research. For now, they have only started the long process of discovering what may be our closest ancient ancestor.

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