The Untold Truth Of The Simple Life

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 The Untold Truth Of The Simple Life

After The Simple Life, Paris Hilton made a concerted effort to establish herself as a successful entrepreneur — and move beyond the bubble-headed character viewers saw on TV. 

As Paris told Vice, her Simple Life character had a specific “baby voice” that Paris had actually been using since childhood. “[It] developed when I was like really young, when I was a baby or a kid,” she recalled. “If I wanted to get something from my dad, I’d be like, ‘Dad, I really want this!'” She eventually used that voice to manipulate others. “If my boyfriend got mad at me and I was a teenager, I’d [say in a baby voice], ‘I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.'” Then they’d. almost always forgive her.

When developing her Simple Life character, Paris decided that she’d once again use the voice, this time consistently. When “you’re in on the joke, you know what you’re doing, you’re aware of it, and you’re doing it purposefully, I think it’s actually smart,” she added.

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