The Untold Truth Of TLC’s Extreme Sisters

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  The Untold Truth Of TLC’s Extreme Sisters

One set of sisters featured on TLC’s “Extreme Sisters” are Brooke and Baylee, nicknamed “the Candaces” because of their actual names: Candace-Brooke and Candace-Baylee, as noted by People. Like the other sisters in the series, Brooke and Baylee are inseparable. “When we were kids, no matter where we stayed, Baylee and I always shared a bed,” Brooke said in a clip shared by People. “That was just kind of our safe space with each other.”

Sleeping together, however, isn’t something that abated after Brooke and Baylee became adults — or even when Brooke got married. As Brooke’s husband, Denver, griped, Baylee had slept in bed with them for “three of the last four nights.” When Denver complained to his wife about the situation, she suggested perhaps he should take the middle spot in bed. “That’s not the point,” he exclaimed. “That’s not the resolution.” 

Ultimately, now that she’s married, Brooke came to the realization that she needed to “detach from my sister a little bit, but it’s so hard, it really is. ‘Cause she’s my best friend.” Baylee, however, admitted she wasn’t making things easy on her sister. “I’m not really trying that hard to detach,” she confessed.

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