The Worst Ways To Die According To Scientists

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  The Worst Ways To Die According To Scientists

In an interview with LiveScience, Paul Doherty, who co-authored a book on different ways to die, talked about one that their publisher found too gruesome to print: getting shot by a Super Soaker full of liquid chlorine trifluoride (ClF3). What he didn’t mention was that such a squirt gun would have to be made of specially treated metal (via Discovery); otherwise, it would likely destroy the gunslinger’s hand. And if you did shoot someone with it, you would not only kill their nerves but also melt their bones.

Going through the various violent properties of ClF3 makes it clear why Nazis were so interested in weaponizing it during the 1930s. It’s incredibly toxic, highly explosive, and insanely reactive, meaning it can set just about anything on fire. In 1965, a man who was exposed to liquid waste containing ClF3 for only around a minute experienced a frontal headache, abdominal pain, and two hours of difficulty breathing, all of which only subsided after he received medical attention. Gaviotas en el Peñón de Ifach

Experts say that simply sniffing high concentrations of gaseous ClF3 can cause swollen eyes, coughing, breathing trouble, and convulsions. Greater exposure can kill you, but not before you suffer excruciating agony in your eyes, throat, and lungs. Meanwhile, skin contact can cause tissue damage and severe, possibly permanent burns.

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