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Beach destinations are a favorite with beach combers and tourists who like to enjoy fun filled days under the sun. In addition to offering spectacular beaches, wonderful hospitality and hordes of attractions to visit inland, these destinations also let visitors revel in a range of sporting activities both on land and in the water.

The sport of wind surfing is present in almost all the beach resorts of the world and if you fancy the sport, then you should visit Barbados, a star studded jewel in the Atlantic Ocean. A relatively small island, Barbados is located in the eastern tip of the Caribbean and falls in a region that does not succumb to the frequent hurricanes that wreck havoc over the rest of the region.


Though small, the island is quite popular with tourists and is fairly chic enough to accommodate the younger crowds. Frequented by avid surfers and history buffs from around the world, the island is also a hot spot for business travelers due to its prominence in housing several foreign embassies and convention centers.

While the island’s sandy coastline features miles and miles of crystal clear beaches, the mainland houses many sugar cane fields and factories that play the role of the bread earner for the locals inhabiting the island.

Reaching the island: Barbados can be reached via flights and boats. The Grantley Adams International Airport caters to both domestic and international flights and is located on the southern coast of the island.

Getting around the island is not an issue with frequent shuttle buses that provide transportation throughout the island. Rental agencies also provide cars and bikes that visitors can rent out to explore the island.

If you rent a vehicle to drive around the island, you need to acquire a driver’s permit at either the rental agency, Ministry of Tourism, airport or a police station in addition to owning a International Driver’s License or Permit. The permit costs somewhere around 10 dollars and is valid all over the island.

Accommodation and Cuisine: With the increasing number of tourists visiting the island every year, Barbados has developed from a small sea side fishing village to a sophisticated resort that provides quality accommodation for its guests in the form of hotels, condos, apartments and campgrounds.

Visitors to the island will also be glad to find that there are quite a few upbeat restaurants and cafes around the island that serve various Caribbean delicacies like the flying fish, golden apple relish, pepper pot stew and cou-cou in addition to a wide variety of international dishes.

The People of Barbados: The local inhabitants of the island call themselves Bajans and are a hardworking and yet fun loving lot. The island also has a faint trickling of seasonal tourists who have set up their vacation homes and condos on the island and prefer to come here every year for some peace and quiet.

What’s to see and do: The island is a perfect blend of history, culture, work and fun. With various historical monuments scattered around the island, visitors will love exploring the rich heritage of the island and its inhabitants. The popular tourist attractions include the Barbados Museum, Heritage Village, and the homes of the island’s Historical Society. The Garrisonare is a popular site for horse races and the island has several beautiful gardens and Anglican Churches visitors love to visit. Blog sobre salud

The island celebrates its own annual Crop Over Festival where the locals celebrate their crop harvest bounty. While you are exploring the sights and sounds of the island, you may want to stop by a couple of interesting places which include the Farley Hill National Park, the Andromeda Botanical Gardens, the Verandah Art Gallery, St. Michael’s Cathedral and Mango’s Fine Art Gallery.

The beaches of Barbados are a beach lover’s dream come true. With miles and miles of powder white shores that caress the alluring waters of the Atlantic Ocean, guests will definitely love to enjoy a day out on the island’s striking coast.

While the Southern and Eastern Coast of the island are more modernized and feature rough surf conditions which are not suitable for swimming, the Western Coast of the island is quieter and has calmer beaches that visitors can swim in.

Some of the more popular beaches include the Accra Beach, Paynes Bay Beach, Silver Rock Beach, and the most famous of all, the beach at Bathsheba on the eastern coast of the island.

There is a never ending list of activities to partake in around the island, the most popular being wind surfing. Barbados has some of the biggest swells in the world and the Soup Bowl at Bathsheba attracts surfers from around the world, in addition to hosting the annual Independence Pro Surfing Championships.

In addition to wind surfing, guests can also laze out in the natural Bathsheba Pools in the region and enjoy scuba diving, sailing and hiking. The island has a fair number of championship golf courses that tourists can play in.

The more adventurous travelers will definitely love exploring the numerous caves that line the island’s shores in addition to hiking through ancient plantations and sugar cane fields. The island also has various tourist agencies that offer day trips and tours for visitors which include cruises around the island, island hopping tours and inland tours to various attractions on the mainland.

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    Barbados Travel

    Barbados Travel

    Beach destinations are a favorite with beach combers and tourists who like to enjoy fun filled days under the sun. In addition to offering spectacular beaches,





    Barbados Travel
    Barbados Travel

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