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As your pregnancy advances, there would a number of fears in your mind, fears about delivery, fears about pain, fears about the safety of your baby and fears about your own safety.Labour is definitely a cumbersome process and to combat the difficulties associated with labour, a woman requires to have abundant strength and energy.

Many women who is in the process of labour finds it easy to manage the pain and push the baby down when they are in the sitting or squat position. A squat position offers a number of benefits for the mother as well as the foetus. This is the ideal position for dropping the baby down to the pelvic region. Squatting position also would leave a wider pelvic opening for the woman to push better and allow the baby to flow out naturally and without much effort.


A squat position also makes it easier for the baby’s head to fit in the pelvic region, thereby reducing the pain associated with expansion of pelvic region during delivery. When you are in a squat position, you will have less chances of requiring an episiotomy for delivering the baby. If you are interested in delivering the baby in a squat position, here is some guidance as to how to go about the procedure.

Let your Obstetrician Know in Advance

Your preference to give birth in a squat position must be made known to your doctor much in advance. This is because most women still give birth in a lying down position with their feet up or on a birth table. A squat position requires the doctor to give more time for you and the baby. Make sure that you will get individual attention from your physicist while you opt for a squat position.

Your obstetrician must be well versed with the various squat positions you can adopt and must also be able to guide you in the process. This is why it is important to let them know well in advance.Practice Makes it Perfect

When you plan to adopt a squat position, remember that it does not come on the spur of the moment. A lot of practice is essential to get the position right. There are a number of ways by which you can squat. But these may not be the correct position of squatting for pregnancy. Taking assistance from a yoga practitioner will help you go a long way and attain the correct position during labour.

Joining a prenatal yoga class helps in practicing the squat position correctly and also in attaining mastery over breathing techniques and relaxation poses. Yoga will also strengthen your calf muscles to hold your body weight during the process of labour.

During the advanced stages of pregnancy, yoga poses will help you gain the perfect balance and posture to remain squatting on the floor or a comfortable mat to facilitate the easing down of the baby’s head into the pelvic region. This will help in reducing the pain and also in allow the baby to follow the gravitational force, easing your contribution in the process.

Importance of a Squat Bar for Delivery

A birthing bar or a squat bar need not necessarily be there in the hospital that you choose as squat positions are not very common during pregnancy.  Ask if the squat bar is available in the hospital. If not, you can arrange for one which will make your squatting easy and comfortable. It can made as per your specifications if you do not find a readymade squat bar. A squat bar is nothing but a bar that you can hold on while you deliver in the squatting position.

It can be fitted above the bed on which you deliver. This will make it easy for you to squat on the cushiony surface rather than on a hard surface like a floor. A squat bar will make matters much easy for you when you opt for a squat position. Either you ensure that your hospital has it or make sure that you get one for your convenience.

Importance of Making the Hospital Staff Understand Squat Position

A squat position cannot be achieved on your own. You need supportive staff in the hospital who can assist you in the process and offer a lot of help. When you opt for a squatting position while delivering your baby, it is a good thing to look for hospitals who have competent midwives and nurses who have handled deliveries in the squat position before. This will make your job easy.

If it is difficult to find such a hospital, it is essential to educate the staff on the essentials while you are on labour. This will help them offer better support and keep everything ready well in advance.

You can give them printed material for making them understand the squat positions and where you would require support and help. This will enable them to be prompt without waiting for your beckoning. It is also a good idea to take a trained person along with you if you happen to find one. She can offer that extra support.

Giving Birth in the Squat Position

In the absence of a squatting bar, a helper can help you squat on the floor. She would kneel in front of you and offer her shoulders for you to hold on to. You may also hold on to a chair back or to a bed handle or some other convenient place which is pre arranged.

Squatting position need not be taken from the time you feel the contractions. You can move around as much as you can to ease the pain. Once you are ready for pushing the baby out, you can position yourself in a squat.

There are a number of squat positions that you can try and change during the process as adopting a single squat position can be a strain on your leg muscles. Push while in the squatting position for the baby to drop down. You would obviously get tired of pushing. Move around, lie down or sit to relax and go back to the squatting position when you feel you are ready for delivery.

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Things To Do To Give Birth In Squatting Position

Things To Do To Give Birth In Squatting Position

As your pregnancy advances, there would a number of fears in your mind, fears about delivery, fears about pain, fears about the safety of your baby and fears a





Things To Do To Give Birth In Squatting Position
Things To Do To Give Birth In Squatting Position

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