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Most of the parents would like to involve their kids in household. But many times kids may not be ready to do the work and many of them won’t make their bed after getting up and also mess up the room. In order to change such behaviour problems, parents can introduce chore charts for their kids.

Chore Chart for Kids

Chore chart is a chart listed with the day today chores and if the kid sticks to the chart for one to one and a half month at least two or three bad behaviours change and as a parent one should be consistent with the chores listed in the chart. It also helps the kid in social development.


On listing the chores of the day, kids know what their parents are expecting from them and this makes them to take up the  ownership of certain work and hence they become more responsible. It also helps them to use their time wisely, become organized and matured and ultimately helps to build their character. Doing things correctly has to be rewarded and this helps to improve their self-respect.

The rewards can be star sticker or their favourite stickers pasted on the chart for the completed works along with a weekend special reward for performing well and consistent during the week. The reward can also be a weekend privilege.  In order to develop good behaviours in kids, parents need to start allocating work to the kids from a younger age.

How to Make Chore Chart

Make a list of the desirable works and consider the age of the kids while allocating the chores. Children differ greatly in their physical and mental growth and some kids can do more than others. Hence consider the kids abilities and write down the chores for them.  Here are some age specific chores for kids

Kids between the age of 2 to 4 can assist their parents in dusting, picking up the toys, put laundry in basket, feed pets, keep napkins on the table, wipe out the messes etc. while those between 4 to 7 years can make bed, put laundry in hamper, set table, arrange toys in the room, feed pets, water plants, keep dishes in dishwasher, wipe up messes, help in yard work etc.

Slightly older kids between the age of 8 to 10 can make the bed, set table, clear the table, wash dishes, empty or load the dishwasher, put clothes in laundry basket, help in washing car, help cooking, dusting the room, rake leaves, helping in yard etc. Kids above 11 years can clean the room, kitchen and bathroom as per the directions of the parents, vacuum the house, water the plants, feed pets, put laundry in basket, mow lawns, wash dishes, help washing car, cooking food, help in yard work, make bed etc.

List out the chores that your kids can do at home and while assigning the works to them, ask their choices or let them decide what chores they want to do. Ensure that the chores are not beyond the ability of the kids. If there are two or three kids, then let them decide the chores themselves or share the chores. Parents can even encourage them to work together to finish the job easily and quickly or rotate the jobs among the kids so that everybody is getting the chores evenly. Mejores Opiniones y reviews


Select a chart for the kids and one can either print chore charts easily from online or can make a chore chart on your own. Chart can be prepared with the help of excel sheet and the chart should include all the days of a week on one side and the chores on top of the chart. Each chore should get a column so that once the task is completed children can write their name along with the completed label. Allocate chores at different timings of a day so that kids have enough time to complete one chore and before moving to the other task.

They should also get a break between chores which would encourage them to do the other task with more enthusiasm. Moreover it is a good idea to change their routine jobs and allocate something different to keep up their interest. Charts are made for fun and it should be decorated with colors, markers, stickers etc. This makes them excited to show their chart to everyone. While making the chart, involve the kids which make them more responsible and authoritative about the chart. It is ideal to call a family council before implementing the chart.

Moreover the completion of tasks at the end of the day should be rewarded and decide on which is the best reward that can motivate your kid. The most ideal reward for children is their favourite stickers and the good performances of a week should be met with a special reward. This in turn makes the kid more excited to complete their task because kids like appreciation, praise etc. But care should be taken to avoid huge promises which may put you under stress afterwards.

Hence choose the rewards that suit your family, it can be a sleepover with friends or watching a movie at the weekend etc. Change the rewards frequently so that the child won’t get bored with the same type of rewards. Instead of reward, kids can be given points and kids can accumulate these points to have a large reward that can be redeemed at a later date.

Mark the chart once the task is completed and reward them as promised. If there are blanks in the chart, then identify the tasks and make sure whether your child need support or if it is beyond his abilities then help them to achieve their goal or reduce their burden and let them achieve the goal. This makes them more optimistic and enthusiastic to follow their chores.

But if they are not doing the work because of laziness then don’t give them any rewards or restrict them from any of their enjoyable activities. Before implementing chores routine to your kids, make yourself organised and get things done properly. If kids see their parents slipping in completing their tasks then they may no longer follow the chart.

A chore chart help parents to get leisure time to spent with family or else they may have to do all the chores themselves while other family members play or watch TV. A chore chart can make things run smoothly at a home and it also reduces the fighting, yelling, confusions etc and makes the kids more responsible in their life.

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How To Create A Chore Chart For Kids

How To Create A Chore Chart For Kids

Most of the parents would like to involve their kids in household. But many times kids may not be ready to do the work and many of them won’t make their bed





How To Create A Chore Chart For Kids
How To Create A Chore Chart For Kids

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