How to Teach Your Child Good Manners




Discipline does not come just by teaching or reading chapters of Moral studies in the school, it is important to improve your child’s behavioural knowledge by being a role model for him.

You can be the best teacher to teach him the lessons of discipline and etiquettes because the child spends maximum time with you and learns most of the things from your only. If you try and notice your child tries and imitates your habits and the things you do, so why not be a trendsetter for your child and teach him the best behaviour.

The mind of a child is just like wet mud, which you can shape according to yourself and during early stages of life they are very inquisitive about everything that happens around them. OS they are always busy asking questions and your smart answers are enough to satisfy their inquisitiveness. But beyond these question and answer sessions the important step of parenting is ‘YOU’.


Your Role in parenting

Since the child spends most of his time with you so definitely you are the most important step of parenting, because children want to be like you mean they want to be your mirror image. If you want that your child should learn and show the best behaviour like he should become are responsible person, respect elders , love younger etc.

Then this can only be taught by you , not by sending him to a nice school where he just learns a lesson in moral science . The important part is implementation of that chapter of moral science which can be best done by only ‘you’. So for overall development of your child the most important thing is your behaviour. The child is like wet mud which you can shape in any form your want to and he learns everything from your only.

Some essential parenting tips

Never shout at your child try to teach him things patiently or stop raising hands also, because it will make your child stubborn. You have to change yourself in order to set an example to your child, because you are his role model.
Before pointing out his mistakes first check out your faults and improve them then only you can teach him good manners.

How to teach him good manners.


Although these days all good school  make your child aware of all the basic etiquettes and teach him all the ways for personality grooming , but the implementation of these basic etiquettes has to be done by you. It is seen that kids learn everything in the school but by the time they reach home everything is gone.

The reason being that they learn from your behaviour, speech and social etiquettes and all the good manners learnt in school remain locked in the school bag only. You can teach him that before interrupting anyone they should always say ‘excuse me’ and after taking anything from anyone they should say ‘thank you’. It is your duty to teach them that they should greet everyone who comes to their house. Descargar Imagenes Top gratis

Well Mannered

It is not just that you should be well mannered with just your kid but with your neighbours, other kids and rest of the family members too you should do the same to teach him good mannerism. If you are getting annoyed at something wrong then suddenly do not start panicking and start using abusive language, because your child will learn all these mannerisms from you only.

Try to maintain your poise and calmly express your resentment towards anything. Be it any type of situation always maintain your cool and specially in front of your child. Do tell the person about where he is wrong but the way of expressing your anger should be decent. Like many parents start abusing the teachers if their child is not studying well in front of the kids only, this is not good.

Never or try avoiding telling a lie in front of your kids because this is the worst habit they ill learn from you and start using on you only and then you will feel bad . Generally if someone rings a door bell we send our child to tell the person that you are not at home and this is the first step towards teaching him that speaking lies is not bad.

Always remember that child learns from how you behave. The things which you can teach your child can not be taught in the school. In such case it is your moral responsibility to teach him basic Behavioural manners. All these small things like making fun of somebody, ignoring your work, stealing things, telling lies for your own benefit, scolding for small things etc. might give you happiness for few moments but in the long run they are very harmful for your child and will take them on wrong track because then your child will not be called well mannered.


It is commonly found that the kids who are never taught discipline in their life and live without any restrictions get spoiled very easily. They get into the habit of doing everything according to what they like and this way they get inclined towards bad things than following right things. Discipline does not mean that we should all the time keep on teaching our child what is wrong and what is right, or imposing rules on the child.

Discipline is necessary when the child is not ready to understand and follow the correct things which he should learn. In order to correct him and teach the difference between right and wrong we need the help of discipline.  Thus with the help of proper discipline and mannerisms you can easily play the role of perfect role model in his life. Teaching begins at home only so if you will set an example by being well mannered and well disciplined in everything then your child will follow you and learn all the good things from you only. SO we can say that a well mannered mother makes a well mannered child.

How to Teach Your Child Good Manners

How to Teach Your Child Good Manners

Discipline does not come just by teaching or reading chapters of Moral studies in the school, it is important to improve your child’s behavioural knowledge b





How to Teach Your Child Good Manners
How to Teach Your Child Good Manners

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