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From a “drive-through” volcano to a collection of water sports, look into this catalog of ‘can’t-miss’ places, actions, and travel around the Caribbean land mass of St. Lucia.

Best Sites In Saint Lucia

Drive-through Volcano

It’s been 400,000 years since volcanic action occurred here. The pit that effected from a collapsed arena of molten lava at the La Soufriere volcano present a fascinating picture of what the earth have to looked like back then. As you come near the side of the hollow, the sculptures smell of rotten eggs increase up.

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The red, blue and green hinted landscape, counting 24 steaming vents, allusions at deposits of iron, copper oxide, magnesium and others minerals fizzy to the face.

Climb Gros Piton

Mountaineering the 2,619-foot Gros Piton is for the hale and resilient, but the wonderful views, scenery and feeling of triumph are worth it. A charge of $25 per person pays for a submissive guide for the 4-mile surrounding trip route. Trekker typically starts out in the early on cool hours of the day to finish the surrounding trip. It may take from 2-6 hours single way. Require an authorization from the St. Lucia Forest and Lands Department for Pitons Tour Guide Association.

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Jungle Biking

Both extraordinary riders and fresh bikers can take pleasure in the pathway cut keen on the plantation forests that are fraction of Anse Chastenet. Multi level courses lodge beginners who need to skirmish up their skills, as well as superior adventure bikers look for the adrenalin excitement of vertical up hills and stretched switchbacks.

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Rainforest Tours

The 19,000 acres of tropical rain forest makes up the verdant interior of St. Lucia, provided that many chance to view unusual plants, flowers and birds, counting the rare Jacquot parrot. A naturalist or jungle officer required to offer as a guide to hikers formulates their way past massive ferns and orchids to dramatic waterfalls. Rain Forest Sky Rides offers a unique way to outlook the natural resource from 90 feet above the earth surface on a 75-minute ride in an open sided mid-air tram.


Water Sports

Headlong, snorkeling and wind surfing are some of the most excellent ways to take pleasure in the sparkling fresh turquoise waters that quietly wash the seashore of the anses of St. Lucia. Vertical drop offs and nearby reefs craft it probable to see the undersea world without having to ship out to deeper waters. Trainee wind surfers stick to the tranquil waters on the west side of the land mass, while individuals with more practice catch the finest rides at Casen Bas and Vieux Fort on the east side.

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Maria Islands are bigger and more parched, and are almost continually exposed to salt laden winds gusting up from the equator. Place to the east of St. Lucia’s southernmost tip, off the urban of Vieux Fort, their bio variety is severely protected. The roughly 12 hectares (30 acres) of cactus dotted land that create up the two major islands are house to more than 120 variety of plants, lizards, butterflies, and snakes that are alleged to be vanished in other parts of the earth.

Top Sites In Saint Lucia

Top Sites In Saint Lucia

From a “drive-through” volcano to a collection of water sports, look into this catalog of ‘can’t-miss’ places, actions, and travel around the Caribbe





Top Sites In Saint Lucia
Top Sites In Saint Lucia

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