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When you know you have found the person of your dreams and are ready to pop the question, you would probably be thinking of the best possible place to take him/her for the occasion.

Here is a list of some of the best ideas and places you can opt for to make the event more memorable.

Volcanic Sunsets: There’s nothing that beats watching the flaming red sun set over the horizon and if you are wondering where you could enjoy the best sunsets of all, the answer would be, all of Europe!

Sunsets in and around Europe are considered to be the most colorful in the world and you can wait for the right time to propose so that you can watch his/her face blush along with the sky.


Some other off beat locations where you can catch beautiful sunsets include the shores of Santa Barbara beach in Calif, Marco Island in Florida, Sandia Crest above Albuquerque and Ke’e Beach in Kauai.

Meteorite Shower: How about proposing to him/her amidst dozen stars whooshing past you in the sky? If yes, then you need to be somewhere in or near the northern hemisphere which is considered the best area to view the Perseid meteor shower that happens in mid August.

Some of the best view points would include Pikes Peak in Colorado, Mount Washington in New Hampshore and Sandia Peak in Albuquerque.

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Northern Lights: Also called as aurora borealis, the northern lights can be viewed near the Polar Regions and attract hordes of visitors every year.

If you want to propose beneath the aurora borealis, take your loved one on a clear winter night to Bettles or Fairbanks in Alaska, the Northwest Territory or the Yellowknife hub. Some resorts also offer northern light packages for viewers and you can book a special package just for the occasion.

Lava: If you are the more adventurous type, why not propose to him/her when you are in close proximity to tons of molten lava? Mount Kilauea which stands on the Big Island in Hawaii is an active volcano from which lava and molten rock flow down to Pacific Ocean which flanks the mountain on one side.

The sight of the lava sizzling as it comes in contact with the water is spell binding and can be best viewed from tour boats that take you as close to the coast line as possible. Mejores pianos digitales

Full Moon: Ever watched those movies where the actor proposes to the actress amidst beautiful surroundings and under a giant full moon? Well, you can opt for the same if you travel to mangrove cay in the Florida Everglades, the Danube River in Budapest, any lake in the Colorado Rockies or Minnesota’s Boundary Waters.

The giant moon reflected in the still water of the lake, serene and silent surroundings, and a small boat that will seat just the two of you as you course through the lake, looking into each other’s eyes. What more could you want?

Thunder and Lightning: If you want to make a sound statement, why not visit the Rocky Mountains for stupendous lightning and thunder shows?

Visible from anywhere in Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado or Montana, these bursts of thunder and lightning are caused by thermals that rise up due to the extreme heat of the sun. These thermals then form thunder heads which move east before commencing the spectacular shows.

Rainbow: As kids, we were all very fond of rainbows. There are still some of us who love to watch a rainbow form after a day full of thunder showers. If you want to propose underneath a perfect rainbow, the best places you could probably visit would include Hawaii which is also called as Rainbow State, the hills of Ireland and Wales, Skeena River Valley in Western Canada, Alaska’s Kodiak Island, the Caribbean Island, and the Florida Keys.

Milky Way: It is a known fact that our galaxy alone, the Milky Way contains more than 400 billion stars and is only one of several galaxies that can be found in the universe.

Watching the Milky Way is best achieved at the higher altitudes of the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, the Tuscon foothills, the Kohala Coast along the Big Island in Hawaii and coastal Maine. Just take him/her to the perfect spot and propose under the dazzling stars.

Fireflies: Now fireflies may not be your favorite insects in the world. However, in the dark they can creat a magical atmosphere which would give you the perfect opportunity to propose to him/her.

These creatures are also considered as a metaphor for love and can be found in all temperate and tropical countries. Some of the more popular destinations include Japan, South Carolina and other places in southeastern U.S.A. Just wait for it to get dark and the fireflies to come out. And then, pop the question. He/she simply cannot refuse!

Most Romantic Destinations in thw World & Popular Romantic Locations | Travel Destination

When you know you have found the person of your dreams and are ready to pop the question, you would probably be thinking of the best possible place to take him





Tourist attractions romantic destinations 1
Tourist attractions romantic destinations 1

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