Tragic Details About Cher

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 Tragic Details About Cher

Cher made her first critically praised movies in the 1980s, starring as Meryl Streep’s lesbian friend in the conspiracy drama “Silkwood.” But as she told Graham Norton, audiences didn’t take her first big role seriously.

“It was terrible, actually,” the superstar admitted, recalling how the film’s director Mike Nichols had told her to go see the trailer when it first aired in a nearby cinema. “My sister, my friend, and I ran to see it,” Cher continued. “They say “Meryl Streep” and everyone applauds, and then they say “Kurt Russell,” and everyone applauds, and then they say “Cher” and everyone started laughing.” She was hurt by the audience’s heartbreaking reaction, but Nichols reassured her over the phone that night. “They may laugh in the beginning, but they won’t be laughing in the end,” he confidently promised.

In the end, he was right: Cher received an Academy Award nomination for her supporting role. She followed that up with films like “Mask” before actually winning the Oscar in 1988 for her star turn in the romantic comedy “Moonstruck” opposite Nicolas Cage. “I don’t think this means that I am somebody, but I guess I’m on my way,” she quipped in her acceptance speech.

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