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Havana is one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing cities of the world. Being the capital of the country of Cuba, the place calls for innumerable tourists and visitors all round the year.

Along with being the most significant city of the country, Havana is a major port as well as a hub for commercial industry. The uniqueness and daintiness of the place is something that will impress you to the core. Since it was a Spanish colony in the ancient times, you can get to see the best of Spanish architecture and culture here in Havana. It is the ideal destination for tourism where the country of Cuba is concerned.

The historical structures in the city are another attraction that will take you off your feet! However, when you plan a holiday, it will include the entire country of Cuba and not just Havana. Therefore it becomes very imperative to shortlist the places that you plan to visit.


For this you will need a genuine travel guide that lists down all the top options that you can adhere to in the city. Here goes the entire catalog that covers the significant areas in Havana. Choose the attractions according to your time, budget and interest levels-

Must See Places in Havana

Old Havana

One of the top attractions within the city of Havana is the Old Havana. The destination has been tagged as one of the world heritage sites and is visited by thousands of tourists every year. The atmosphere of Old Havana is something that you should definitely experience. The historical places and buildings offer a worthy sightseeing activity.

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Traditional food is another specialty of the place that will enhance your taste buds here in Old Havana. So make the most out of it for a Lifetime memory!

Museo de la Ciudad (Havana Museum)

For all the art lovers, this is one of the finest places to visit in the city of Havana! If you want to know all about the history and ancient tales of the city then, you will find everything right under the roof of Museo de la Ciudad.

A lot of exhibits display the struggle for national independence through archeological pieces, weapons and folklore. Where artifacts are concerned you can find various paintings, wood work and porcelain carvings here.

Partagas Cigar Factory

One of the things that Cuba specializes in is the manufacturing of fine cigars. So this is something that you just can’t afford to miss! One of the most well known factories in the city that produces only high end cigars is the Partagas Cigar Factory. No matter whether you smoke or not, what’s important is to have an out of the box experience.

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The cigars from here are renowned all over the world. There are factories where the cigars are rolled by the use of old and ancient methods and not the latest machinery. If you like smoking, then you can get your hands on some of them through the various shops in the city. Avoid buying the same from street sellers!

National Aquarium

As the name reflects, the National Aquarium is the best place where you can check out exotic, rare and unique marine life species of the region. It is definitely one of the pinnacle attractions if you are visiting Cuba with your children by any chance. Trámites de notarias un USA para hispanos

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Live dolphin shows are one of the star rated activities held here. You can also get a striking view of sea lions here at the National Aquarium. A restaurant facility is available within the tourist spot for your benefit.

Cemetario de Colon

This is one of the oldest cemeteries present in the entire country of Cuba. The magnificence of the place is something that pulls tourists towards this destination. There are more than a million graves here under the same roof of Cemetario de Colon.

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Each graveyard is a reflection of fine Cuban sculpting art. Mausoleums and crypts can also be found here. To get a good idea about the local art, make sure you spend a couple of hours in this cemetery.


A mini China within the city of Havana is something that is totally unexpected and interesting at the same time. Travelers and tourists can get the taste and ambience of south East Asia here at Chinatown. From fine restaurants to shopping options, you have a lot to fill you bag with when it Chinatown.

National Zoological Park

For all those who have a love for wildlife, National Zoological Park is one of the perfect destinations in the city. This place is more than perfect to spend quality time if you are touring with your family. It is a complete family outing experience here at National Zoological Park.

Parque Lenin

A recreational space is terms of activity; Parque Lenin is situated in the outskirts of Havana. It is also known as ExpoCuba. The features of the destination include an amphitheater, art gallery and an aquarium. A sculpted monument dedicated to Lenin is another attraction here. There is an amusement park here that calls for unlimited fun and entertainment not only for children but also for adults.

National Botanical Gardens

Come close to nature and the lush greenery only at National Botanical Gardens in Havana. There are thousand types of species, flora, fauna, flowers and plants here in this garden.

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The beautiful and striking landscapes will also mesmerize your senses. A train transport is available if you want to view the entire garden in a jiffy. There are various gardens within this destination where you can try and pass the entire day.


Something than Havana is proud of is the Vedado.  It is one of the ultimate destinations if you are looking towards the commercial aspect. You can also find a lot of high end hotels here for staying purposes. Along with this fine dine in facilities are also available here. Everything available here at Vedado is totally up market and classy.

Check out these significant places in Havana and move on to some others if you have some time left in your itinerary. This will help you extract maximum advantage from your trip.

Travel Attractions In Havana

Travel Attractions In Havana

Havana is one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing cities of the world. Being the capital of the country of Cuba, the place calls for innumerable tourists and





Travel Attractions In Havana
Travel Attractions In Havana

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