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Not naturally endowed like other African nations, Ghana is probably closest to the heart of the earth than any other nation. A western African country, Ghana is bordered by the Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean in the south, Cote d’Ivoire in the west, Burkina Faso in the north and Togo in the east. A rich source of ivory, slaves and gold, Ghana was colonized by the Portuguese followed by the Dutch, Swedes and finally the British who named their settlement in the Gulf of Guinea ‘Gold Coast’, with its headquarters at Cape Coast. Both Elmina (the Portuguese settlement) and Cape Coast have huge castles and forts which were once centers of slave trade and deserve a visit. Having achieved its independence in 1957 Ghana has come a long way.


Accra the country’s capital, which was once the capital of the British colony of Gold Coast, is Ghana’s largest city. Housing a mix of modern high rise buildings and dusty shanty towns, the city’s main attraction are independence square, Kwame Nkrumah memorial park, the national museum, W.E.B DuBois memorial centre, Ghana’s central library, the national archives, the Ghana academy of arts and sciences, Labadi beach, University of Ghana, 17th century Danish origin Christianborg castle and the old fishing neighbourhood of Jamestown, which has a prison building in a colonial fort and a lighthouse. It also offers panoramic cliff top views of the fishing harbor.

Ghana’s landscape is characterized by a long coastline with sandy beaches followed by low plains and tropical rainforests running inland. Located in central Ghana, amidst virgin rainforests, the Kakum Nature Reserve is a must visit. It is famous for its canopy walkway, where you can walk 333m above the ground among trees while sighting wildlife and can also stay in a tree house. The reserve forest is home to rare antelopes, water buffaloes, porcupines, monkeys and thousands of species of birds and butterflies. Ghana is famous for its amazing collection of birds and butterflies. Bird watchers can visit the Owabi Reserve Forest and Bird Sanctuary. You can also visit the Bomfobiri falls at the Bomfobiri wildlife sanctuary and the Songow lagoon, which is a salt marsh. Fulares para bebés

The Volta basin with the black and white Volta rivers offers stunning vistas. Lake Volta is the world’s biggest artificial lake. Those looking for some mountaineering adventure can take a trip to Mt. Afadjato (885m), which is Ghana’s highest peak.

Another must visit is Kumasi, the capital of the ancient Ashanti region located in rainforests of central Ghana. The ancient kingdom of Ashanti which runs a parallel traditional administration is home to the Ashanti tribe. Housing to a beautiful collection of flowers and plants, it is called ‘the heartbeat’ of Ghana. You can visit Kumasi Fort, central market, Kumasi Cultural Center, the Manhiya Palace and the Ashantehene’s Palace. The Ashanti people are famous for their traditional craft. You can also visit the stilt village of Nzulezu.

Home to cocoa, coffee and football, Ghana is an interesting visit.

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    Ghana Travel

    Ghana Travel

    Not naturally endowed like other African nations, Ghana is probably closest to the heart of the earth than any other nation. A western African country, Ghana i





    Ghana Travel
    Ghana Travel

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