Television Addiction In Children




Television is the most common source of entertainment in every household.  It occupies a special place in living room of all families.  Every family enjoys watching television, especially kids.  Every kid spends maximum of their time in front of television.

They adore their programs and hardly go out to play outdoor games. Watching excessive television has number of bad effects on kid’s development.  They harm their physical as well mental development. Television makes kids obese, inactive, aggressive, and materialistic.  It affects their behavior in number of wrong ways and makes them grow before time.

Kids get easily influenced by others especially television and pick up wrong habits like using bad language, arrogance, impulsive buying etc. Therefore, excessive watching television has number of negative effects on kids.  However, when kids watch television in limitations and under their parental guidance, they get their share of entertainment as well as learning.


Kid’s appropriate programs

Television is bombarded with variety of programs .Different channels have different set of programs.  All the television programs have different target viewers and, hence they are not appropriate for every audience, especially kids.  Therefore, it’s important for parents to keep control over their kid’s selection of programs.  Parents must not allow their kids to watch any adult programs.  They must make sure that the programs watched by their kids are meant for kids and age appropriate.

Time limit for watching television

Television programs run continuously throughout day and night.  Whenever, television set is switched on, you will find some or the other program.  As a result, kids are tempted to watch these programs for longer periods. However viewing television for longer periods is very harmful.  It has number of negative effects, especially on eyes.  So, parents must put a restriction on the time period of viewing television.In fact,right form the initial years of childhood, parents should communicate and make their kid’s clear about their time limit for  television viewing.  Beside this, parents should make it a point that the same (time rule) is practiced by them as well as their kids.

Quality of program

There are many number of kid’s channels and, hence variety of kid’s programs .T he quality of each of these kid’s programs varies.  Many kids’ programs use bad languages, violence, or wrong ideas.  These programs are not good for children.  This is because kids pick up bad ideas or manners very easily.  So, parents must stop their kids from watching such programs.  In fact, they must strictly child lock or remove those programs from their kid’s list of programs.  Parents must encourage their child to see good entertaining and informative programs .Such programs help their kids to learn and develop good values.  Kids should watch educational or learning programs like discovery, quiz programs, art and craft programs etc.

Parents should set themselves as role model


It’s always important to a have a common rule for all family members.  So, if parents restrict their kids from watching television, it’s important for them to follow the same.  Parents are the role models for their kids.  So, practice what you preach.  Parents too should cut short their television viewing and spend quality time with their kids.  Take them to play outdoor games or walks or cycling, swimming etc. Prodotti top

Keep television in common place

Every kid these days demand for a personal television.  They want to keep a separate television in their room.  This is not recommended.  In fact, parents should not bow down to their kid’s demand and keep a television in their room.  In fact, television should always be kept in living room or a common place.  This helps the parents to -

* keep a watch on the type of programs being watched by their kid
* keep a track on the quantity of time they spend in front of the television.

Keep television off during meals

Meal time should be a total family time.  It is the time when all the family members get together to eat their food.  So, this time should be used by family members to share their feelings, problems, plans etc.  Parents and kids must try to catch up one another rather than watching television.

Keep television switches off when not watched

Once the television rule is made, it’s important for parents to keep this box off when not viewed.  It should be switched on, only when it is supposed to be viewed.  This helps the kids and parents to develop a stronger bond with each other.  In fact, this time should be used for reading books, exercising or other family activity.

Make television viewing as family activity

It’s very important for parents to watch television along with their kids.  This helps the parents to keep a track on their kids viewing.  By doing so, parents can know the nature of the program viewed by their children and the time period as well.  This in return helps the parents to guide their children and correct them, if needed.

Watch CD or DVDs instead of cable

It’s always better to watch educative or informative DVDs or CDs rather than cable television.  Parents can always select an appropriate DVD for their child .This assures that the program viewed by their kid is age appropriate and beneficial for them.  Secondly, CDs and DVDs have larger options and variety in terms of quality of programs.

Communicate about the Television programs

Parents must always talk with their children about the programs they watch on television.  It helps the parents to know the nature of the program and its effect on their kids.  This practice should especially be followed by working parents. Because, in case of working parents kids generally watch television in their absence.  So, by communicating about the television program, parents are updated about their kid’s television viewing.

Generally kids have the habit to switch on their television set.  So, parents should always make sure that they children lock the channels which show adult programs .This decrease their probability of viewing any adult program even by default.  In case of grown up kids, its important for parents to explain them the importance of viewing right choice of programs and setting television limits .Parents must explain the negative effects of watching bad programs to their kids.

In other words, parents must make sure that their grown up kids understand their parent’s concern for them. There are numerous advertisements in television and kids easily get influenced by them.  They demand every new product launched in the market.  So, parents should always teach their kid’s about self-control.  They must also clearly teach them the fact that ‘all that glitters is not gold.’

Television Addiction In Children

Television Addiction In Children

Television is the most common source of entertainment in every household.  It occupies a special place in living room of all families.  Every family enjoys w





Television Addiction In Children
Television Addiction In Children

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