Types Of Beans And How To Cook Them

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  Types Of Beans And How To Cook Them

Coffee is a wonderful plant that gives us one of the world’s most popular beverages, namely, coffee. Sometimes, it can be hard to remember that this magical beverage comes from beans.

The origins of coffee are uncertain, with legends tracing it back to Ethiopia and the Arabian Peninsula (via National Coffee Association). We do know that by the 15th century, the coffee trade was expanding, and by the 17th century, coffee was becoming popular across the European continent. Despite coffee’s popularity, it takes a lot to get these beans ready to drink. 

The coffee bean is found inside the fruit of the coffee tree, called a coffee cherry (via National Coffee Association). To get to the seed on the inside (the coffee bean) the outer layers of the coffee cherry must be stripped away to reveal (most likely) two coffee beans (via Britannica). Once the beans are dried and cleaned, the coffee is considered “green coffee,” which is then sorted, cleaned, and dried. 

To store whole bean or ground coffee, keep beans and grounds in an airtight container (via The Spruce Eats). Grounds will go stale faster than the beans; try and consume the former within a couple of weeks and the latter within a month of roasting. Ground coffee can be frozen, but this can affect the final quality of the coffee.

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